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Marvel Superhero Squad Online

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online can be summed up in one phrase, pure fun! Players can log in through a browser based interface and begin the action right away. You start by selecting one of your favorite Marvel heroes and exploring the common area. There are little quests and events going on to keep you busy. I started as Iron Man and had fun just flying around off of the flight points and on to buildings. Spiderman is also a great start because you can climb walls, swing through the streets, etc. Even though you have a Marvel character you still keep a unique name and all of it is very kid friendly.

Once in a mission, you start to take on some serious baddies. Missions can be done solo or with teams of friends and are great fun. With ninjas, super villains and wild newspaper headlines, the missions section has a lot to offer players and really is the core of the game. Combat is easy and you do get power up abilities to help when you are swarmed with bad guys.

You also get a headquarters to set up as your base of operations. This is fun for customization and allows kids to deck out their headquarters however they like. Other super heroes stop by to visit and you can give access to your friends. The HQ is a great personal area to visit and test some new skills in, a great housing option for players.

Overall, Marvel Superhero Squad Online is a fantastic game for comic book fans to play with their kids. Kids will love the endless emotes for their favorite heroes and even Deadpool is playable, don’t worry he uses a water gun. From the demo we saw, the game looked very polished and running on a browser system getting in to play should be very easy. The game definitely plays to the younger fan base, but adults will enjoy the comic book references and cheeky humor. Gazillion has done a great job with this game and expect to see a lot for both younger and older players alike.

Fortune Online

 As browser games continue to grow a great example of development is Fortune Online. The game is fairly simple and easy to get into via the browser log in. The game play is pretty straight forward if you have ever played Diablo or Titan Quest. The characters have some great skills and area effect attacks to make the game play fun and give variety to the player.

In terms of classes Fortune Online has two for now. The Guardian and the Warrior are your choices. The Warrior is a straight melee class that uses hand to hand combat to destroy foes. The Guardian is more of a Paladin type, with a twist. The Guardian uses miracles to thwart enemies and restore the character’s vitals. Both classes looked fun to play, however it would be great to see more classes added before the game launches.

The demo moved well and Fortune Online is shaping up to be the perfect lunch break game for students and adults alike. The game has a well-developed advancement system to keep you moving forward and wanting to explore more. As these styles of games become more popular, titles like Fortune Online will welcome a whole new host of MMO players into worlds that can be accessed from almost anywhere.  Check out Fortune Online now and sign up for beta.


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