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Dennis Carney Posted:
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Atlantica Online... Quite possibly one of the most ground breaking MMORPGs to hit the Free to Play world. From their one of a kind "Turn-Based" fighting style, to the one of a kind Item Mall items they provide, it certainly has turned the eyes of its competitors in the past year. Within the past couple of months, Atlantica Online has made countless updates to their arsenal of goodies that you can "gamble" for.

From the upcoming "Angel's Wings", to a new Motorcycle-esque mount from space named Mars, we can only imagine what NDoors have up their sleeves next. Oh yeah... maybe a cat in a bag that you can wear on your back! But for a small and cuddly kitty, he adds 400-500 attack power, 70 vitality, and 500 defense. So all you really have to do is walk backwards and he can take care of all of the killing for you.

The new Mars Mount

But what makes Atlantica Online so addictive and intriguing? Could it be the incredibly fun PVP system that they have dubbed "Free League"? As one who never battles other Players from fear of losing, Atlantica Online has opened that door to many players and has shown them that it can be a lot of fun!

Not only is Atlantica Online based on how "good" your gear may be, it focuses more on your skill level at playing. With a ranking system with rewards and prizes for winning or losing, if you don't like to PVP, you may change your mind with this MMORPG.

Maybe PVP just is not your cup of tea? Then perhaps their arsenal of over 1000 quests, ranging from level one to level 120, will keep you occupied. Run out of quests to do? Then perhaps AO's Daily Quests might stave your hunger of Grind Killing madness!

Me rocking PVP

Did you ever wake up one morning and say "Man... I just feel like documenting a crap load of monsters today." Well, worry no more! Atlantica Online has a Monster Compendium service that allows you to collect information on any monster you may be fighting, and reveals all of the items that the said monster may drop. So if you are wandering aimlessly around the Sunken Machine Shrine, about to become robot lunch, trying to find some mithril, all you have to do it open your "Poke-Dex" of sorts and search up mithril and BAM! It shows you everything that you have information for, that drops mithril.

Does tactical advantage tickle your fancy? Then you may have found the Internet's G-Spot. AO's mercenary system makes sure that you won't go unsatisfied, with its collection of 21 Mercenaries that wield weapons like: Sword, Bow, Cannon, Axe, Staff, and Spear, and skills special to each mercenary.

Have you ever been in a dungeon, and said "Dude... wouldn't it be so awesome if my character ran back to town on his own?" I think NDoors has heard your plea. With Automatic abilities from Auto-Walk, Teleportation, Auto-Battle, and Auto-Search, I quite frankly don't even know why we have to play the game at all! Oh yeah, I forgot that you can't auto resurrect... unless you die.

All in all, Atlantica Online has shown the MMORPG world that it's okay to be different.

With hundreds of equipment combinations, there will be no shortage of creativity for you. Even for someone such as myself, who has a hard time organizing my computer files, I have learned the importance of focusing on the small details, with Atlantica Online's Equipment Upgrade system.


Dennis Carney