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Game Hopper Jumps Into AQW

Suzie Ford Posted:
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In this recurring column at MMORPG.com, our goal is to take turns giving you brief glimpses at some of the games which just don’t get enough coverage for any number of reasons.  Look at our Game List.  Many aren’t MMORPGs, but almost all are MMOs of one form or another.  Then count the number of reviews we have for them.  We’re addressing this, as quickly and as efficiently as we can, but the simple truth is that a lot of games fly under the radar.  So, with The Game Hopper, we plan on bringing you a new game every week that you might not know much about.  We’ll do some brief impressions and an overview on the game and then let you guys chime in with your own thoughts.

AdventureQuest Worlds was released about three years ago by Artix Entertainment. Prior to AQW’s debut, Artix had created several browser titles for single players that included Dragon Fable, Mech Quest and the original AdventureQuest. But Artix wasn’t happy with simply giving folks single player only experiences, particularly when online. With that the concept of AdventureQuest Worlds was born.

Here’s how Artix describes AQW:

Inspired by our three previous Flash online games, AQWorlds is a 100% web browser based MMO with real-time RPG combat, original art, and an entire world to explore. Battle monsters online with your friends and family to obtain wicked weapons, awesome armors, loyal pets and epic items! With all-new quests to play and unique gear to collect every week, you will become the Hero you've always known you were inside!

Logging into AdventureQuest Worlds is a very simple process. Create an account, activate it and GO! Character customization is minimal but players can choose gender, hair/eye color and, of course, class. Classes include Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Priest. Then it’s simply a matter of hopping on to any server and getting started. It’s really nice that you can log in with your character on any server and aren’t limited to playing on only the first one chosen.

There is no question that AQW accomplishes its goal quoted from the site literature above. There are at least a dozen game servers, all with 500+ players on at any given time. Players can group together or head out on their own. Looking at the game’s interface, at least as a n00b in AQW, it can be pretty overwhelming in the starting area with more quests to pick up and complete than can be believed. It gives a whole new meaning to quest hub!

What makes AQW so compelling despite what some would call shortcomings based on its 2D appearance is the game’s snarky and often hysterically funny humor. The developers at Artix must have the best time coming up with the visual and textual laughs they liberally hand out to players. It makes reading the quests all the more important. You simply don’t want to miss a giggle opportunity.

Battle is pretty straightforward in that you simply double-click on a monster to auto attack. More complex attack modes are unlocked as you level up. When I started an attack on a monster, my warrior ‘ran’ up to it with sort of a stun attack before smacking it down hard. But monsters are no push over and can be counted on to whack back with gusto.

One of the things that I find a bit disturbing, at least in the n00b area in which I was playing, is the lack of sound. AQW is sound free except for rather anemic smack sounds when attacking a monster. I suspect that this has been addressed in higher levels as I accidentally stumbled on a more advanced zone that had what amounted to an AQW cut scene that had music in it. Still, sound is a definite weak spot in an otherwise pretty fun little pickup game.

AdventureQuest Worlds devs and Artix also provide a lot of fun in-game activities to keep the community engaged. For instance, the very popular band “They Might Be Giants” made an in-game appearance complete with a brand new song written specifically for AQW. Now that kind of stuff is just cool.

AQW is definitely not for everyone but a lot of people, if they give it enough time, will find something endearing about the game. Whether it’s the humor or the special in-game events or the ease of play, AdventureQuest Worlds brings a lot to the table for players of all ages. So hop on over and give it a try!

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Suzie Ford

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