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Michael Bitton Posted:
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MMORPG.com is partnering with Red 5 Studios to bring you a chance to win an awesome Commander or Ensign Founder's Pack for Firefall.

All you need to do to earn yourself a chance to win one of these packs is reach a minimum of 30 AP (Atlas Points) in Firefall's achievement system over this weekend's beta event and post a screenshot of your Atlas Record in the comments below. We'll accept entries through Monday, February 25th and announce our winners on Tuesday, February 26th.

Please only enter a single screenshot. Duplicate entries will be disqualified!

Winners will be selected at random from all entries.


Grand Prize: One Firefall Commander Founder's Pack

Runners-Up (x4): One Firefall Ensign Founder's Pack

Contest FAQ:

MMORPG.com AP Contest: Play Firefall during the unlocked beta weekend, rack up at least 30 AP and submit a screenshot for the chance to win an Ensign ($40 value) or Commander ($285 value) Founders Pack.

Q: How do I play during the unlocked weekend?

A: Anyone who creates a free account at https://beta.firefallthegame.com/accounts/new can download the client and play from noon PST, Friday to 11:59 p.m. PST Sunday.

Q: What’s AP?

A: Atlas Points (or AP) are part of Firefall’s achievement system found in the “Atlas Record”.

Q: How do I check my AP and view the Atlas Record?

A: The Atlas Record is brought up by pressing “Y”. Within, you can see your current AP (top left) and which activities will net you more AP.

Q: Which achievements should I complete to gain AP?

A: That depends on which activities sound the most interesting. Look through the Atlas Record list, AP can be gained during many different activities such as PvP, fighting off the Chosen, Thumping or just exploring.

Q: I’m running out of time! How can I get 30 AP fast!?

A: Check out the “Industry” tab in the Atlas Record. There are a number of Thumping achievements that can net you AP quickly.

Q: I hit 30 AP, how do I take a screenshot?

A: With the Atlas Record open and your AP visible in the top left corner, press “print screen” on your keyboard. The screenshot will be saved in a “Firefall” folder within “My Pictures”.

Q: How do I submit the screenshot and enter the contest?

Simply upload your screenshot to your favorite image uploader (for example, Imgur.com) or straight onto our forums (use forum view for best results!) and post it in the comments below!


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