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EVE Survivor Guy, Part Three

Adam Tingle Posted:
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Hello and welcome to Eve Online Survivor Guy. I am taking on the wilds of New Eden, once I'm out there I will have to initiate survival and it won't be easy. I don't have any experience of this game and the learning curve for me will come swift and steady. I don't want to over dramatize this but a mistake out here could prove fatal. Haven't seen my first adventures?

Episode 1

Episode 2

Week Three: The Space Cowboy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy- My time in Eve Online had become and endless pursuit of wealth and musings of my own explosive death; I had become dull and over-dramatic, greedy and reserved. My first handful of weeks in Eve Online had focused solely on foundation building, but the next step in my survival required something else. There was only so much can mining and conservative thinking I could muster without finding myself at weary odds with the game, the time is now to branch out and seize the day. Having built an important foundation from which to grow I could now dabble with the game as comfortably as a new comer without clue can, would I pursue combat or otherwise? Now was a time for choice-nay, for heroes.

Throughout my time in New Eden I had made use of the Rookie Channel for guidance and kind word, while some offered advice I couldn't help but notice the staggering amount of "find a corporation" replies I had received. Every question asked seemingly turned into a private chat of recruitment like I was some snot nosed youth; impressionable and timid. While I understood this was a game meant to be played with others, I simply didn't want to have my hand guided by a mechanical veteran of the game; someone of knowledge but jaded with experience. Like any game I wished to learn it on my own terms and accord, surely I would reach the point where I would need a corporation but for now I needed simple excitement and adventure and this is what I had planned.

I had embraced my role of Survivor Guy fully during my tenure in New Eden; I had calculated every move and accounted for any progress in any logical way I could muster. While this had me in a better position than most, I couldn't help but feeling my interest start to wane, I craved for excitement and action, the chance to the fully embrace Eve Online and all its possibilities. I had become the metaphorical space curtain-twitcher, I would tut and tusk at those brave enough to enjoy the game, while I sat in my safe haven looking at my accumulated wealth and unnatural love of mining. My mission was simple- to survive; I would fail this without some devil-may-care adventure to revitalize my interest.

I had three weeks worth of skill progression (mainly centered on combat) and I also had a modest amount of ISK. I had reached a point where I could courageously step out into the world and attempt more exciting missions and excursions. Striking into the market place I decided to treat myself to a new ship- A Ravager, surely a more fearsome ship could not be found? Equipping this with as many laser turrets, shield boosters and ammunition as could get my hands on, I decided it was time to strike out, I felt like the space faring equivalent of the Terminator. All caution was cast to the wind and my survival badge was locked away for now. I decided to look for combat missions and these were not hard to find, a simple view of the Agent list and I had the choice of dozens- picking one I set about my task. During my time in Eve Online I had steered heavily toward the skills of gunnery and likewise abilities to the point of around level 3 and 4. While I felt secure that I had the skills necessary to take on the missions I still couldn't beat that niggling feeling that I was about to become a flaming wreck. My mission sent me to an unexplored sector of space where I would quite possibly find space pirates and hostile attitudes- I was right on both counts, my trial by fire had begun and I clung to the lessons taught to me by the tutorial missions. Targeting one of my three opponents I started to close the distance between and with one hand hovering over my many turrets I prepared for attack.

It was over in a matter of seconds, my dozen or so laser turrets annihilated every enemy I cared to target with ease, each combatant succumbing to a multitude of different colored lasers. I was victorious and quite possibly The Terminator. Struggling with my own sense of smugness I returned for reward and promptly received further orders. After a dozen or so battles I had received a generous amount of ISK and the adrenaline was pumping within, I was unstoppable surely?

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