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EVE Survivor Guy, Part Four

Adam Tingle Posted:
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Hello, and welcome to the fourth entry of EVE Online Survivor Guy. In this series, I'll be jumping head first into the dangerous universe of New Eden, where I expect survival won't come easy. I'll be going into New Eden as a total newbie, and I expect the learning curve to be steep. I don't want to over dramatize this, but a mistake out here could prove fatal...

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Week Four: Gimme Shelter

For a month now I had survived in the unforgiving universe of New Eden; I've bested the rogues and vagabonds wishing to fell me with an assortment of colored lasers; I've traversed through dangerous conflicts between opposing moral factions, I've even dabbled in space piracy. I was the poetic image of survival, I was the pioneer wishing to conquer the most extreme of temperate and conditions; I was the Survivor Guy.

My once conservative ways of survival had slipped a little as of late; I was running missions, gallivanting across galaxies in pursuit of wealth and fame; I was reckless, out of control; an adrenaline junkie and loving it. Logical and apprehensive survival had gotten me so far but now I was lusting excitement and spaceship violence, days of carefully planned skill progression turned into games of magnetic word connection- if it sounded masculine and had the word “Gun” in it, it was mine. The sound and careful foundation I had built was now fully in fruition, I could be reckless and careless.

While I was running missions and trying to purchase bigger and better spacecraft my mind was occupied, I was having fun and adventure, but one thing was niggling in the back of my mind; Oh sure it was slightly edgy to be a one man wolf pack but talks with several players had lead me to create an image of awe and greatness of corporation life, to me it was a battle of supreme scale, epic conflicts with ships the size of moons, explosive firepower and rousingly high octane excitement.  I had decided that this was to be my next stop in EVE Online.

While I had some human contact while playing the game, I wasn’t what you would call sociable. Many private conversations consisted of frustrated and ignored veterans trying to guide and seemingly groom me in some way and as such I didn’t have too many friends. My egotistical approach to survival had left me a loner and while in many ways learning the game on my own terms was a good move, it had left me with little to no contacts and this came back to bite me in the metaphorical space ass. I needed to branch out and mingle, I needed a corporation and I wasn’t sure how I would find one.

As It turned out I was already in some sort of corporation by the name of Scope, but I wasn’t to know, to me this was just a glorified chat tab in which people often traded insults and tips, often at the same time, this automatically assigned group didn’t fit my independent ethos so I left once I found out how to do so. I wanted to find a group of players that were welcoming to newcomers but also serious; hardcore in their approach but gentle and helpful, did such a thing exist? I was about to find out, my main worry was finding myself invited to a sort of corporation pile-on, a group that exists to simply invite more and more members in a pursuit of number  induced orgasm that are so prevalent in other MMORPGs. No, I wanted something better, an official and regimented outfit befitting of my surviving ways.

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