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Eve Online Survivor Guy Part Eight

Adam Tingle Posted:
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Survival is tough--especially in space. Eve Online is a game of depth and mystery, one wrong step and you will find yourself on the wrong side of a laser turret; go into this game unprepared and welcome a myriad of confusion and tender despair. My mission was simple; survive in Eve Online for eight weeks and report my trials and tribulations. I knew this would be hard but still I was unprepared. This is Eve Online Survivor Guy.

Week Eight: The Finale

On accepting this task of surviving in Eve Online for eight weeks I knew I had a difficult time ahead of me. As an avid fan of anything massive or multiplayer I know of Eve Online as a game spoke of in hushed tones. Forum dwellers illuminate visions of danger, time consuming adventures and cut throat piracy; veterans of the game simply stare into the middle distance, broken, distrusting of outsiders and always alert; finally are the anticipation ridden new comers; people of excitement, courage, adventure- these are the unwitting first line landing on Omaha Beach; the games cliff faced learning curve is the metaphorical machine gun bullet puncturing through the flesh of the unknowing- only a few will survive- jaded, hardened, ready for New Eden.

It had finally come to my closing week of documentation. Like any good story this is where you would find out that indeed I am in fact a woman, have found Mr. Right and will happily live ever after. Eve Online unfortunately however is not privy to such surprise twists and turns, my eighth week was unfolding like any other; my adventures with my corporation would continue and so would my excitable interest. Through perhaps divine intervention or great luck I had finally obtained a Battle Cruiser and a plethora of shiny new laser turrets. My life in space was going better than ever before; I had long-term goals, a renewed zest for Eve Online and I had the fire power to back all this up. One week had started blurring into the next, I had no real distinctive events to discuss but I was constantly engaging in some act of corporation battle. I felt like a seasoned warrior of space, a would-be veteran.

I have come on great leaps and bounds since my first weeks in Eve Online. The feelings of confusion and fear were now to be replaced with a sense of self assurance, a trust in my fellow comrades in which I found greater purpose. In retrospect I find it impossible to find some sort of guiding word or advice to the new comer. Eve Online is one of those annoying games where the clich├ęd response of "you either love it or hate it" applies. This is a game in which you must find your niche, discover your reason for admiration; if you do not you will simply never click with the mechanics at play here. As I have come to find during my "survival" there is a point in which suddenly you will find yourself at ease with this game. The moments of spine curdling confusion and boredom are suddenly replaced with an acceptance. To many this will possibly never come, I was one of the lucky ones.

My time was now spent in fully fledged ambition mode. I had great dreams and greater aspirations; I was to become a great combat pilot, my fellow corporation comrades were to be my wing men. My week consisted of loudly boasted hyperbole about my laser strength, daring antics and a routine of violence followed by financial reward; the like I had come to expect. It was extremely satisfying to find myself in such a position that at any point I could change directions; would I stick with mission running? Would I transform into an El Bandito and become Butch Cassidy of the Soumi region? The choice was mine.

I was hungry for complete and utter domination of Eve Online, my appetite only matched by those around me. Together we drove each other on, boasting more loudly as we went. It is hard to imagine that in my first week I would be so utterly devoted to this universe of Eve. Once bewildering sessions of mining were now enthralling excursions punctuated with microphone enabled banter. My attitude of isolation and idea of the "lone wolf" had simply melted away as now my monotone Northern English accent flew threw virtual space, insulting unworthy combatants and complaining of ammo depletion.

It seems odd to think that a mere handful of weeks ago I was cast adrift in a sea of confusion and despair at the game's concepts. I hope that throughout my eight week survival series that I have imparted a hint of guidance- a whisper of advice. The hardest element of Eve Online is simply seeing the game into fruition; many players will tell you exactly how this is done but I firmly believe this is a subjective experience, every player enjoys Eve Online in a different way; everyone is addicted under different circumstances. I myself sought solace in the guides and advice kindly given. This is great in mechanical terms and should never be ignored. The words of encouragement and help I received on this very website helped me continue, gather my remaining strength of will and continue, however, this is not the only thing needed to fully understand Eve Online.

During my survival in Eve Online I discovered just how multi faceted this game is, its depth and infinitely directional game play is simply disguised in a cloak of fear and confusion. The limitless options available to the player can excite but lead a player to despair. Throughout my early experiences I was at constant odds with my unsure direction and limitations of the current situation I found myself in. Would I mine, indulge in combat, perhaps involve myself in industry? I had no clue and no reference point from which I could determine which I would enjoy most. This is a most difficult element of Eve Online to get past. The infinitely possible world of New Eden is both a positive and a negative; to the new comer it is relatively game breaking.

I had come to believe totally in the haphazard approach to Eve Online. Guides and sound planning has its place very early on but there certainly comes a point in which a player should cut loose, throw caution to the wind and indulge in whatever takes the current fancy. Long sessions of boredom were simply sated by reckless acts of crime of exploration. This serves the purpose of fun but also allows a player to discover just what exactly they are looking for in the game. Perhaps my greatest advice in Eve Online is to foolishly wander into every situation with the enthusiasm of a naughty infant?

As I draw to a close in my series finale I cannot help but recount my previous experiences with the game. I have led a charmed existence in Eve Online; I had sought joy in the unlikeliest of places and prospected every piece of good luck imaginable. My time of documentation has now come to an end but surely and undoubtedly I will continue long into the foreseeable future. I was to conquer New Eden, in no uncertain terms would players call me King of New Eden, and I had the right kind of ambition.

So finally after two long months, I bid thee a fond farewell and possibly we will meet in space? Thank you for listening to my trials and tribulations in Eve Online. Adios Space Amigos... Oh and I almost forgot, I am absolutely awesome at survival, hail to the king baby.


Adam Tingle