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E3 2011 - Vindictus and Dragon Nest

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Vindictus took the show by storm at E3 with a giant booth, a new playable demo for the upcoming contant update, and a succubus in a huge bed tempting gamers as they passed by. Nexon has done a great job with Vindictus bringing a solid action online game to Western audiences which challenges players and builds a fun world to explore.

If you have been playing Vindictus then you will be happyt o know that the Crimson Blades will be getting a new member with Karok. Karok is a bruiser character who grapples and destroys opponents through strength and fury. Carrying around a giant pillar as a weapon, Karok deals death with brutal tactics. The image we saw of the giant worms coming up from the floor and Karok grabbing them and pulling their heads off was just fantastic. If you like playing the power character that knocks down doors and rips opponents in two, Karok will be a welcome addition.

The new content update also offers the Succubus boss fight. Players will battle their way through the new instance to eventually fight it out with the mistress of manipulation. The phyics of Vindictus are fantastic and players will be able to use everything within their reach to battle it out. Adding in Karok to the party to take this journey really gives the players a great arsenal of weapons on this new instance. This being Episode 7 for June, the team is continuing work on Episode 8 for July.

Another area that Vindictus is getting an upgrade is with the Mage character. Nexon takes feedback very seriously and players will be happy to know their voices are heard. The mage character is getting some polish. Having a solid list of characters to choose from is important to Nexon, so players will have the full range of iconic RPG choices to enter the Vindictus instances. The game is also getting new loot and upgrades. One of the ways you can customize your characters is with armor and weapons but Vindictus will have more choices as their episodes continue into the future.

One of the last pieces we discussed was the idea of adding raid content into the game. Vindictus is built around small party instances, but more talk has been going on about larger raid encounters. Currently the game is looking at adding in thirty man raids and giving players the option to group up for some epic boss fights. Just imagining all of the physics of a thirty man raid in Vindictus is exciting. The game has some of the most interactive MMO environments around.

Vindictus continues to impress and Nexon has done a great job with the game. We look forward to Episode 8 in July, but for now it’s time to enjoy the new content this month. Pick up your pillar and crush things with Karok, and prepare to face down the demons. Vindictus is definitely worth your time as a free to play game and fans of dungeons crawls will love the new content.

Dragon Nest

Nexon was also showing off Dragon Nest at E3 and this time around they had the PvP battles up and running. Dragon Nest is an action online game which allows players to explore the world and follow a storyline through instanced dungeons and adventures. The game has a fun anime style which will appeal to both younger and older players. Do not let the animations fool you though, Dragon Nest has a great combat system and fast paced game play.

The game really shines in the PvP battles. Combat is very quick and matching skills with other players brings some amazing game play to Dragon Nest. The character classes of Archer, Warrior, and Sorceress work out rather well and we found the balance to be decent. In combat, players fight up to a point value so if you die, you can re-enter the fight. This means you cannot throw your life away by any means, but you do get a better option in terms of how to win the battles.

Dragon Nest will be launching this summer. As a free to play game it really offers a lot of depth to players. Nexon is truly pushing for more complex and intricate games in the free to play space. Dragon Nest is a great example of this and will appeal to hardcore players alike. We were very impressed by what we saw with Dragon Nest at E3. The game won our Best PvP Award and rightfully so. Look for Dragon Nest this summer and get ready for battle.


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