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E3 2011 - Best of Swag

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You have read all the video game reviews, seen the photos of the booth babes… but here is the article you were really looking for! The best swag of E3! The staff at MMORPG applied rigorous standards, and ensured accurate representation of all swag.  Okay so we really met over a few beers, evaluated the swag the group had and then made a decision.  In the event of a tie, the girls (who are really the best shoppers anyway) made the final decision.  Of course since the “swag-off” occurred in a local bar, any booth not willing to hand over samples of their swag to evaluate were automatically excluded.  Pretty much a light-hearted fluff piece, do keep in mind that all opinions herein are completely biased and belong solely to the staff of MMORPG.

10th place: The free drinks we had at Nexon’s party because alcohol counts as swag right?

9th place: T-shirts from Star Wars.  Well really just because they are from Star Wars.  Anything Star Wars related automatically places.

8th place: World of Tanks was handing out small little model tanks pretty much like candy. With multiple locations throughout E3, it quickly became a game of ‘collect them all!’

7th place: Cool thumb drive from APB, it looks like a little bullet with a clip to keep on your purse or belt. Practical swag is always a hit with the team.  Now we can look cool and keep track of our articles for the site!

6th place: A great messenger bag from TERA.  Black with adjustable straps, lots of pockets and a clip for your keys or thumb drive from CCP!  I used it all week. But don’t call it a purse… it’s a satchel.  Indiana Jones wears one.

5th place: The Media Kit from Nexon. It included a cool pen with dragons all over it, a great black leather notebook and a thumb drive. I believe we already discussed how much we love practical bonuses! And did I mention the pen has dragons on it?

4th place: A teddy bear from Perfect World Entertainment. This angry little teddy bear (available in blue or red) was the perfect version of the anime bear. We love him and intend to sleep with him.  Especially Bill.

3rd place: The red wig from TriplePoint: The wigs were very cheesy but any time you can get a whole line of guys to put on a red wig in public, it’s a winner in our book.  The fact that they had to wait in line over an hour to get one (and they did!) is just hysterical.

2nd place: REAL working gas masks from Metro: Last Light by THQ.  Yes they work, come with instructions and replacement filters.  Nuff said.

1st place: The gas masks actually held this position until the last day when MMORPG writer Joe Iuliani came up with swag from World of Tanks. They were giving out large scale replica, remote-controlled tanks that shot small pellets of plastic.  Joe did have a bit of trouble at airport security when TSA couldn’t decide if it qualified as a “weapon.” Really though, they probably just wanted to confiscate it for themselves!


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