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Lineage II: Dev Chat Log

On August 6th, MMORPG.com hosted our first ever Dev Chat. It was the folks from Lineage II that stopped by to kick off this new program and to answer questions from fans. Today, in case you couldn't make it out for the chat, we publish the logs. Enjoy, and keep an eye out at MMORPG.com for our next Dev Chat.

MMORPG: Greetings and welcome to MMORPG.com's first Live Chat on irc.forthegamers.org! I'm your host, MMORPG.com's Community Manager Laura "Taera" Genender. Joining us today is the NCSoft Lineage II team.

MMORPG: Our guests will do their best to answer as many questions as possible, but due to limited time and a high volume of inquiries, they may not be able to answer every single one. users are limited to one question "at a time", and you will be notified when you may ask another question.

MMORPG: Now it's time for introductions! Feel free to start sending your questions to DevBot while our guests introduce themselves! To ask a question, please /msg DevBot <>.

[NC]spam: Hello I'm HGM spam. Im the Customer Service Team Lead for Lineage 2 I like Pie.

[NC]Alyra: Hi everyone! I'm Alyra, the Lineage II Community manager. As some of you likely know, I started about 2 months ago. :) It's a pleasure to get to chat with you all!

[NC]TwinMoon: Hey all - I'm Greg Bauman, new addition to NCsoft and the marketing monkey among us.

[NC]Ornery: Hello everyone. Ornery here, I'm the producer for Lineage II. I like pie and cake equally.

MMORPG: Smash: Is there any semi-solid release date for Chaotic Throne 1 (The Kamael) to hit PTR/Live in the US/Europe?

[NC]Ornery: I don't have an exact date for the PTS or Live launch for the Chaotic Throne 1 launch, but I'm targeting Q4 2007 for both.

[NC]Ornery: What I can say that it's going to be a very large update on the magnitude of Chronice 4

MMORPG: Wolferey: Why is there no european language support in Lineage II? We play the game too.. Our clan is almost purely swedish with some norwegian players.. and there are plenty of European players ingame, why can't we have our ä, ö, å, ø, æ etc. in chat/MSN? Its impossible to speak in our language in clan/ingame MSN/PM etc. :/

[NC]Ornery: We didn't have plans to add these features, but I will take note of your concerns.

MMORPG: Smash: Will server transfers ever become a reality in NA/Europe? Korea already has them but we don't ever seem to get a solid answer.

[NC]Ornery: We are much closer to having server transfers than we have ever been. It's currrently #1 on my priority list, but I don't have an exact date for it's implementation.

[NC]Ornery: We are also currently looking into other services that have been suggested by players.

MMORPG: Darkradu: why don't you have auction houses? don't you think having an auction house might cut the player's downtime, and also remove the lag from giran or other crowded areas filled with player shops?

[NC]Alyra: Auction Houses have long been a popular topic of discussion among the Lineage II community, especially on the official Lineage II message boards. There have been very valid arguments both for and against the implementation of Auction Houses in Lineage II. As with all player requests, we are considering an Auction House system, but we don't have any news yet regarding whether they will be implemented or not.

MMORPG: FinalElf: Reciently, there has been mass pm's across the whole of NA offical servers advertising Gold, when and will this be fixed?

[NC]spam: We have been looking at diffent ways of preventing this type of advertisment. Our first change was the re-tooling of the trial account. Of course the spammers (pun intended) switched to PMs. We are currently working on other ways to prevent in-game advertisment, including banning accounts before they can contact customers.

MMORPG: Gordon: my fist question is why we need to wait like 6-May month for updates in cronicles?

[NC]TwinMoon: Between 6-May months is typical for an MMORPG of Lineage 2's size and scope. There are additional events and other _free_ content updates in between those installments, as well.

MMORPG: Xilas: What incentive do new players have now to start fresh on Lineage 2? Are anymore newbie friendly procedures under development?

[NC]TwinMoon: New players will have more than before. That's my job as the marketing dude here. I want to make sure I keep the spirit and style of play Lineage 2 is famous for, while making it approachable for new players as well.

[NC]Ornery: We've made great strides in the past couple of years to improve the new player experience for everyone. New player buffs and shadow weapons just to name a few features.

MMORPG: Gordon874: I can pay/buy only 3 acc from my credit card, why?

[NC]spam: This restriction is in place to prevent fraud and to protect our credit card users.

MMORPG: Starsky: Will be there some changes about lvling at lower level ? Because NCsoft always making new high grade armors and weapons and don't care about lower level people.

[NC]TwinMoon We're getting several questions regarding item drop frequency & level balancing. This aspect of the game is under constant scrutiny - by us for our market as well as all other territories.

MMORPG: Sovrath: if you don't have an exact date on server transfers could you give us a quarter? Many people have been waiting years with no real info

[NC]Ornery: If I have my way it will be Q4 2007

MMORPG: Biggi: I know this has been a huge topic for a while, but with new MMO's coming out very shortly, how does NC-Soft plan market their game. I would think the more games out there, the more the playerbase dwindles down.

[NC]TwinMoon: Lineage 2 (and NCsoft in general) has been around for years. We're growing (many millions worldwide now) and have no intention of giving up what we have achieved. We intend upon bringing compelling content to you as our customers, and establishing the most loyal fanbase we could possibly ask for. Looking at the MMOs that have reached 100,000+ subscribers is still going strong.

MMORPG: Restrikted: Lineage 2 takes place before Lineage 1, So do you intend to start adding the role of Lineage 1 into the game.(for example ToI having 100F. Cities in Lineage 1). Thank You

[NC]spam: The lore of Lineage 1 has always been a major factor for the creation of Lineage II. Just because a place or a creature is not in the game now, does not mean that it will not be there in the future.

MMORPG: jkoster Archers and Necromancers have long enjoyed a dominance over other classes in PVP. What steps are being taken to either balance the other classes up or to balance these two classes down?

[NC]spam: Class balance is always at the forefront of the development team's priorities. Who here still plays a dagger class?

MMORPG: Oba: Will you be planning on having another battle tournament? Maybe making them more frequent as well?

[NC]Ornery As much as I love the Battle Tournament, there are no plans to hold one this year. We'll look into for the future.

MMORPG: Greatness: I know a few people are disliking cp pots since it seems like whoever has more wins. Is there any chance of having a timer on those to decrease the spamming of them?

[NC]Ornery: This seems like a good suggestion. I'll see what I can do.

MMORPG: Jigsy: Will there be a Lineage III?

[NC]Alyra:Yes, someday. ;)

MMORPG: Balis.1: what kind of pie do you all like? :D

[NC]TwinMoon: Um, American Apple pie!

[NC]Ornery: 2 votes for American Apple Pie!

[NC]Alyra: Mmm, pie. My favorite pie is french apple. ^^

[NC]spam I like Pecan. It is pronounced Pee-con. The Pee-can is the 3rd door on the right.

[NC]Alyra: Or honeycrisps. ;)

MMORPG: Thank you all for joining us for the Lineage II Live Chat.

[NC]Ornery: Granny Smith if possible

MMORPG: We apologize if your question was not answered

[NC]Alyra: Yes!

[NC]Ornery: Thank you for coming everyone

[NC]Ornery: We look forward to talking to you all more often and making this a regular event.

MMORPG: Please watch MMORPG.com for future opportunities to bug the devs!

Special Thanks to forthegamers.org for hosting the event.


Laura Genender