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Myth War II - Diety Beasts

The good people at Myth War II have provided us with this overview of the Diety Beasts available in their game. At the same time, they've provided us with some interesating concept art to accompany it.

Deity Beasts are some of the rarest pets in Myth War II (http://mw2.igg.com/). Their 4 initial stats are far higher than other ordinary pets’. In addition, they can evolve twice, with each subsequent evolution making them more unique and powerful. Today, the Myth War team is proud to introduce these 4 rare deity beasts to you.

Berserker - A loyal Death World guardian with a short temper. It’s sharp, piercing gaze is matched only by its fearsome talons.

Growth Rate: 1350

Holy Dragon - Unique in every aspect, this creature is feared for great reason. It is the product of a meeting between a Dragon Queen and the King of the Lions. Featuring the regal head of a lion and the lithe, powerful body of a dragon it has the best of both worlds in one awesome package.

Growth Rate: 1350

Chaos Wisp - This spirit is an ethereal manifestation of the wild spirit of nature within the Death Forest. Constantly surrounded by death spirits, it is wild and unpredictable.

Growth Rate: 1350

Dark Dream - This elusive creature is thought only a myth by many, but those who have witnessed its awe-inspiring power know better. Unmatched in speed it is only a blur to those not watching carefully. They refer to it as a “Dark Dream” because once you’ve faced it in battle, you will question whether it can possibly be real or just the stuff of nightmares.

Growth Rate: 1350


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