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Correspondent - The Three Spheres of Telon

Warren Bennett Posted:
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Vanguard: Correspondent - The Three Spheres of Telon

MMORPG.com Vanguard Correspondent Warren Bennett writes this quick look overview of the three spheres of character experience in the game; Adventuring, Crafting and Diplomacy.

One of the main draws of coming back to Vanguard is the idea that there is so much to experience. Stepping into a world that is so vast and unexplored is exciting in itself, yet seeing the world isn't the only vocation that you are capable of accomplishing in Telon. A character's experience in this world can be divided in to three separate spheres: Adventuring, Diplomacy, and Crafting. All three spheres are unique, but to grasp the whole story of Vanguard, you should try out each sphere to find the one that really interests you the most. Each of the three Spheres has both gear and equipment associated with it. Don't worry about space; you don't have to keep switching between gear and tools every time you want to try a new profession. The game is smart enough to switch everything out for you. Your gear is laid out in three separate tabs on your character slot and you can customize each of the slots to your liking with gear and equipment. Although you do start out with relatively weak gear, as you level up you will find that better gear and equipment are readily available from multiple sources.

What sphere is the best for you? It depends what you are interested in doing. If all you want to do is kill stuff and collect the loot while exploring the vast frontier of Vanguard, then the adventuring sphere would be the best for you. As you start out in Telon, your new character will spend much of their time here. You will get quests, talk to the local population, laugh with your group and guild mates, as well as find the forgotten treasure that so many former adversaries have left behind. This is where you will explore the world around you. If you see something while you are adventuring, you can get to it. There are no walls to stop you from going into the dank and dangerous places that are hidden from the light of the noon day sun. There might be a few snarling monsters that will try to eat your spleen, but that is the price you pay for wandering in to an area beyond your skill level. From finding great gear to exploring that unmarked cave you have been curious about, the adventuring sphere is the main area you will be active in as you wander the world of Telon.

However, what if you want to take a break from killing an island infested with orcish pirates? Are you interested in learning more about both the historical and current events in the world of Telon? Then give Diplomacy a try, it is a complex card game matching your skill and wits against those of the various Non Player Characters scattered throughout the villages, towns, and cities of Vanguard. As you move through the ranks of Diplomacy you learn more about the lore and history of each race. The card game is the way to go here, listening and speaking in each discussion as you throw down the cards from your pre-organized deck. It is a masterful game of Parley, a give and take until your diplomatic skills dazzle your opponent into submission. In experiencing the diplomatic sphere, you can earn your first mount, get some very nice clothing, and affect the world around you. Your actions can lead to all of those players in the vicinity being granted a temporary buff to aid them in their travels as they go about their business in Telon. Being a diplomat in the world of Telon is a noble profession that can lead to many victories and more knowledge of the world around you.

Diplomacy, like politics, might not be for everyone. For those of you that prefer a more hands-on approach, you might consider the art of crafting. Much more in depth then any MMO crafting system I have yet to experience, the items made in Vanguard seem to have been produced by your own hands. With three crafting professions to choose from (Artificer, Blacksmith, and Outfitter) you have a wide range of choice in how you experience the levels in your crafting career. Each time you craft, there are multiple stages that beset with the same complications that might occur in real life. A typical crafter in Vanguard experiences more peaks and valleys then in the other online games that I have played. You have multiple work stations that cater to the different aspects of your crafting profession, from refining and smelting the materials you need to perfect your craft to assembling the pieces of your finished product. The crafting sphere in Vanguard is varied and unique, providing a sense of accomplishment rarely found in the online crafting arena.

The three spheres of Telon rule your life in the world of Vanguard. From killing the various monsters that wonder the high-ways and the bi-ways of the land, to saying just the right phrase to convince your opponent to give up information, there is much to do in this game. All three spheres are, individually, a great way to kill an afternoon. However I think that to really get the most out of Vanguard you should dabble in each of the spheres. Yet I know each one isn't for everybody: Luckily the effects of Diplomacy work for all and you can buy crafted item on the exchange in each city. Most will use the Adventuring sphere the most, but those that need some change have much to choose from. In the future I will be going in to more detail about each sphere along with showing where and how start to experience your life as an Adventurer, Crafter, or Diplomat. We will discuss the starting areas, as well as the strategies involved as you progress to higher levels in your career.

Vanguard is a deep and varied game; exploring the spheres can lead to many great and rich rewards.


Warren Bennett