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Correspondent - September Update

Tristian Belisle Posted:
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FFXI Correspondent - September Update

MMORPG.com FFXI Correspondent Tristain Belisle writes this overview of what's new to the game this month in Square Enix's Fainal Fantasy XI.

September’s update is here! As many know the talk of Vana’diel is the new “Level Sync” system featured in our update. Aside from the obvious of being able to gain experience points via parties much easier at various different levels should you level down for one, I’ve seen a possible great use of the level sync in one particular instance besides not being utterly irritated when trying to find capped level gear such as when you are going to an area like the Promyvion areas, Burning Circle Notorious Monsters, Kindred Seal Notorious Monsters, Empty Notorious Monsters, Garrisons, Assaults, and several other things. As many end-game FFXI players ‘zerg’ (a really powerful all-out attacking using majority of attack enhancing job abilities and involved buffing ie: Minuets, Marches, and Rolls), it is useful especially for Dark Knights to have Kraken Club which costs 15M+ on nearly all servers. Well… thanks to level sync your octave clubs are actually useful for once, provided you would have a linkshell member or friend keep a level 72 job. Nevertheless, thinking about a Dark Knight dual wielding clubs just about takes the cake of anything possible! Aside from dual wielding clubs, you can also gain the benefits of lesser known items such as: Divisor ring should you level sync down to a level which is a multiple of 5, Multiple ring if your level is a multiple of 10, and Coven Hat for odds and evens respectively, though it may not be as frequent or exciting as using an octave club that never hit as many times as we all would have liked. Just something to keep in mind should you have any of these items or are newly taking interest in them.

Aside from level sync related material, many are aware of the Absolute Virtue, Pandemonium Warden related material as seen on Yahoo! Front pages recently. Both these Notorious Monsters have been supposedly “weakened” (regarding pets) due to their high demand of time in respect to the players. We all know the deal seeing that the FFXI developer video shows everyone using their 2HR after Absolute Virtue, seemingly somewhat significant, though it is quite difficult, whether you knew exactly what you were doing or not. But what most-likely no one expected was for Absolute Virtue to become a 100% pop after defeating Jailer of Love. As it turns out, the battle will also be a maximum of 2 hours before Absolute Virtue is de-popped. Wonderful news is, many will have somewhat more successful ventures in Sea after all and you can surely expect to see much more items from these two in coming weeks.

Notorious Monsters


Also for higher level players, Square Enix has decided to reduce costs of both Dynamis and Limbus! Both costs have been halved to 500k and 15k respectively, and in addition, jobs of Treasures of Aht Urghan’s relic armor is now available via drops from Dynamis, and drop rates apparently have increased in all dreamworld areas. Sadly, none of the cities. Rest assured, anyone seeking getting a relic weapon would surely be much more eager to finish the stages off as prices for entering Dynamis significantly dropped.


On a solo note, fellowship has been updated as well. For those of you who have an NPC fellow to accompany you on your ‘ventures, it may be a little fun to experiment what areas/combination of monsters you kill would yield a new path or piece of armor available. Also, the experience points that are given from weakened monsters ie: Easy prey and Decent Challenge are now being increased, which would more than likely put a bit of that exp back in the player’s pocket if you are soloing your NPC through its levels.

For those that aren’t particularly interested or have maybe overlooked taking the time to do the quests for a fellow, I’d say it’s completely worth it. Not to mention being able to call on a fellow can get you out of sticky situations bearing that NPCs do have the ability to provoke and tank monsters.

To get you on your way, you would have to have obtained Rank 4 with your nation of allegiance to begin “Unlisted Qualities” from Luto in Upper Jeuno. Luto will show you a list of names and a combination of the race and gender also is available to you, nothing is permanent as far as this but your should get your ideal fellow before you start to level your fellow up.

The quest following Unlisted Qualities is “Girl in the Looking Glass” After speaking with Luto, you should speak with Bheem in Upper Jeuno (F-5) speaking of seeing a little girl named Palometa (whom the fellowship story line is based upon) has headed to The Eldieme Necropolis. After entering from the (G-8) entrance of Batallia Downs, you’d find a ??? at (F-9) following the stairs down. Click it for a cut scene with your NPC and Namordo will spawn. This skeleton is killable solo for the most part (40+) and after killing him, you should speak to your NPC before re-examining the ??? once again as always in this series of quests. Your NPC will despawn, telling you it’d help get the little girl back, and finally you’d return back to Luto to complete the quest. Home stretch! Once again you will have to talk to Luto in Upper Jeuno to begin the quest “Mirror, Mirror.” After doing so, go to Port San d'Oria (H-9) and talk to Portaure inside Cargo Room B. After speaking with him, head to Ghelsba Outpost which isn’t very far from Sandy and conveniently is walking distance for a change! Clicking the Hut Door at (G-9) will bring up the quest name and will begin a pretty fun battle you can do solo if you’d like, but up to 3 people are able to enter the battlefield. The battle is incredibly simple using job-specific tactics while soloing and should be no problem at all. Upon killing the Carrion Dragon, head back to Luto in order to receive your Signal Pearl! You can now call your NPC! Eventually after calling your NPC several times and chatting with it at various Rendevous Points, your bond will increase allowing for a longer time period your NPC can be out with you, and further allowing the level cap quests you are able to do. Happy adventuring with your NPC!


Tristian Belisle