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Correspondent - Fiesta Online Overview

Thomas Watson Posted:
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Correspondent - Fiesta Online Advancement Overview

MMORPG.com Fiesta Online Correspondent Thomas Watson writes this article giving us an overivew of advancement in Outspark's F2P MMO.

Just like in any MMORPG, leveling up can be so rigorous to do. Lower-level players look at the higher-level players in astonishment and wonder how they got up so high. Most would think that it all has to do with questing and killing monsters over and over again making most MMORPG games incredibly boring and unappealing. Leveling up in Fiesta Online is one of the most complicated skills any player in an MMORPG can possibly go through. Most players can level up very easily while others take their time. Leveling up, in the end, is something that every player in the community can say takes time and effort.

It was a while ago when Outspark released the patch that enabled players to go into PvE arenas. These Player versus Environment arenas allowed players to kill high level mobs very easily and also kill other players. This feature was most anticipated to enhance how leveling worked in Fiesta. PvE arenas were put into different locations in the game, each arena designed for specific level ranges. The most popular PvE arena, designed for players who are level 30-39, is located in the Abyss. The Abyss was the first PvE arena to be created and allowed players to be introduced to an environment where you were able to not only kill other players but also kill other monsters and get item drops. Outspark answered players' requests to increase the experience rate when killing monsters with the Experience Boost card, which raises the experience rate by 20%. It can be found in Fiesta's Cash Shop. Also, during special events, experience rates are increased for a few hours to celebrate the ending of the event.

There are 4 known ways of leveling up in Fiesta: Grinding, Kingdom Quests, regular quests, and PvE (Player vs. Environment).

"Grinding" is the term used to represent the scenario where a player kills various monsters simultaneously over a long period of time. This is one of the hardest and yet most common ways of leveling up. Most players have a hard time finding good places to find monsters because there are some monsters that they are incapable of fighting. Fiesta's Wiki guide on Leveling Up gives you an idea of where to find the right monsters in certain areas. The easiest ways of leveling up, to some players, is by going into a party and grinding. If you don't feel like fighting monsters simultaneously, you can just leech off of the experience the rest of the party gets. The hard part about this is that if you decide to take a break and leave the computer, the party will be forced to protect your character from mobs and if they want to move on to a different area, you will not be there to move with them and you will get killed. That is the one flaw in grinding. Staying in a party means leeching off the experience but it also means that the total amount of experience one person can get will be divided up by the number of players in the party. Instead of attaining, for example, 600 experience points from a monster, everyone will get 120 experience points. The 600 experience points will go to the person who is fighting monsters alone and not in a party but the 120 experience points will go to the players who are in a party. That's how party grinding works. Grinding sometimes gets boring so partying is often an alternative.

Most of the time, players are wound up by how their character class fights. Outspark's gameplay sets each character class up in a different way. For instance, one class is designed to have very high attack but low defense while another class is designed to have very high defense and attack but low health. Players are expected to see the differences in the classes and see which class they want to settle into. If they don't like the class they choose, they can customize it by modifying their character's build. This build will make their character somewhat different in gameplay. For instance, if a player wants their cleric to become a fighter instead of a healer, the player can increase their cleric character's Strength attribute. This will make their character's attack points go up and the result is a battle cleric. The Fiesta wiki's guide on Class Comparison is very useful in terms of comparing each character class with each other. All classes have their own pros and cons and when merged together, will work successfully as a team. Outspark has worked to give each class the best skills possible to survive in the land. These skills help balance out the equilibrium in each of the classes so that the gameplay is user-friendly.

The second way of leveling is by doing Kingdom Quests, which is a feature in Fiesta that allows groups of players to go on a journey to kill a boss on a specific map. This quest, if done successfully, rewards the players with huge experience boosts and prizes such as item enhancement stones and equipment. These quests are very time consuming, however, it is one of the most thrilling adventures that first-time players ever go through in Fiesta. It also enables you to meet new friends that you can have fun hanging out with.

Fiesta offers numerous quests that players can adventure into. Players are sometimes unhappy doing quests because of their repetitiveness. One thing players can do is to explore the terrain that the quest is set into. Fiesta offers players a range of terrains to explore. Most people will forget about this fact and will continue questing until they level up and then they will never come back to Fiesta. In order to fully grasp the wonders of the game, a player must explore the vast areas that are offered. Quests oftentimes involve killing various monsters and collecting items to give to different NPCs. The result is a reward in the form of experience points, money, and fame (to use to buy skill scrolls from specific NPCs who don't accept in-game currency). These quests are fun at times if you like exploring the game's terrains and traveling around.

Last but not least are the PvE arenas. These arenas are located in various areas in Fiesta. Each arena is designed for specific levels. Lower-level players can go into low-level arenas while higher-level players can go into high-level arenas. In PvE arenas, you are allowed to fight other players and fight other monsters that inhabit the arena. Usually, the monsters you encounter look like they are high level but are easy to defeat. Usually the PvE arena will have the same type of monster roaming around to fight against in the whole map. Experience is given out in high quantities in these arenas and so are the item drops.

This guide is geared towards those who are having trouble with leveling in Fiesta Online. Whether you are a new player or old player, this guide can assist you in leveling up faster. Thanks for reading!


Thomas Watson