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Star Wars Galaxies: Collections of Note

MMORPG.com Star Wars Galaxies Correspondent RJ Hubbard writes this interesting piece on various collections found in SOE's Star Wars Galaxies.

Collections have been part of SWG for over a year now; there are literally hundreds of collections to complete. Some simply give XP whereas others grant cool rewards like titles, weapons, pets, DNA, decorator items, abilities, etc. Here is a quick guide to some of most rewarding or fun collections. It’s by far not definitive and certainly not inclusive – as with anything SWG, the value of the reward depends on the player and play style.

Contraband Collection

I have to admit, this is my favorite collection and yes, it IS because I am an old school smuggler/pistoleer. How could I NOT like a collection of contraband that rewards me with a cool kinetic based pistol with unique animation, skin, sound effect, and range bonus?

Complete the following collections by finding all five pieces of each:

  • Forbidden Fruit: Loot ‘A Rare Vegetable’ 1-5/5
  • False Information: Loot ‘A Classified Data Disk’ 1-5/5
  • Counterfeit Credits: Loot ‘A Credit Stick’ 1-5/5
  • Unauthorized Access: Loot ‘Account Access Data’ 1-5/5
  • Chemical Agent: Loot ‘A Chemical Warhead’ 1-5/5

Below are the locations of NPCs from which you can loot each piece of the collections.

Collection Piece Location 1 of 5 Corellia, Coronet: Ragtag Kooks 2 of 5 Corellia, Tyrena: Braggin’s Fist Thugs 3 of 5 Mustafar, SW Camp: Salvage Bandits 4 of 5 Yavin, Imperial outpost: Black Sun 5 of 5 From any of the NPCs above

What a Piece of Junk!

If you were not around to receive the Instant Travel Vehicle (ITV) reward and did not choose to purchase an expansion that included an ITV, then you are relegated to ground vehicles, city shuttles, and starports. The culture of the SWG community has changed; you NEED an ITV. Get one of your own by completing one of the easiest collections in the game: What a Piece of Junk!

Fly to the following starports and collect the ‘Crate of Rattletrap Junk Parts’

  • Theed Starport, Naboo: Main hanger on the right near a Lambda shuttle
  • Kaadara Starport, Naboo: Main terminal area
  • Mos Eisley starport, Tatooine: Main terminal area
  • Bestine Starport, Tatooine: Main terminal area
  • Mos Espa Starport, Tatooine: Main terminal area
  • Coronet Starport, Corellia: Main terminal area
  • Dearic Starport, Talus: Main terminal area
  • Nashal Starport, Talus: Main terminal area

Collect all eight to receive a deed for you very own rattletrap which grants a new ability, “Call for rattletrap pickup”

Inat shows off the unique artwork and animation for the DD6 pistol rewarded by completing the contraband collection.

Building Storage Increase

As you progress within Galaxies, you’ll find that there are lots of items to collect, store, decorate with, etc. Increase the storage capacity of your structures by completing the following collections that increase your storage by 100 items each:

  • Cabinetry Techniques
  • Craftsman Tools
  • Storage Techniques
  • Shelving Techniques
  • Techniques in Maximizing Space

Here’s a quick collection for the decorator in us. We’re all accustomed to the usual ‘rotate’ ability while placing items in our homes. With an invested of about 10 minutes, you can rotate on all axis by completing the Force Shui Collections

Master of Force Shui: Grants 'Master Decorator' title and ability to move use rotate, pitch, and roll commands when placing objects.

Force Shui – Pitch

  • An Inverted Painting: Narmle Theater, Rori
  • An Inverted Painting: Science Outpost, Dathomir
  • An Askew Painting: Tyrena Guild Hall, Corellia
  • An Askew Painting: Smuggler’s Outpost Cantina, Endor
  • An Askew Painting: Bestine Capital Building, Tatooine

Force Shui – Roll

  • A Slanted End Table: Agro Outpost Cantina, Dantooine
  • A Slanted End Table: Lake Retreat, Naboo
  • A Slanted End Table: Nashal Hotel, Talus
  • A Slanted End Table: Labor Outpost Cantina, Yavin
  • A Slanted End Table: Nym’s Cantina, Lok

Entertainer’s “Dancing Pet”

No, SWG is not all about PvP and combat; there is a population of players who solely play for the social aspect. What better profession to enjoy RP and socialization than Entertainer. Whereas many collection rewards are geared towards combatants, entertainer has their own collection achieved by doing what they do best – buffing!

Complete the collection by buffing each profession (except entertainer) 30 times. It’s not as simple as it seems; not every buff counts toward the collection and there are two hour lockout periods.

Once completed, the entertainer if granted the ability to teach their pet to dance. With a dancing pet, an entertainer’s buff increase in duration and is applied more rapidly.

Several fish tanks, rewarded by completing the Fish Collector collection, are on display at Selen'a's Mustafar Bunker in New Darian, Corellia on Chilastra Server.

Trader’s “Helper Monkey”

The various crafting professions have their own crafting collection with a reward similar to that of the entertainer: the ability to teach a pet a new trick that buffs your crafting stats. Each one of these collections could warrant a complete guide in of itself; this is but an overview and more research will be needed for those that want to pursue these collections.

Munitions (AS/WS) Helper Monkey

This collection is completed by crafting 20 “Schematic for a Posed Stormtrooper”. The Schematic for a Posed Stormtrooper is a reward for completing the “Prototype Stormtrooper” Collection. You’ll have to work with your guild and community to complete this as they will need to bring their schematics to you for crafting.

Teach this skill to your pet of the Simian family (Purbole, Shaupaut, Skreeg, Squill, Woolmander), call the pet and receive the following buff:

  • Weapon Experimentation +2
  • Weapon Assembly +5
  • Armor Experimentation +2
  • Armor Assembly +5

Domestics Helper Monkey

Craft 20 Nightsister Jeweled Necklace schematics to receive the beast ability: Helper Monkey Domestics. The Jeweled Necklace Schematic is a reward for completing the Nightsisters Valuables, Jewelry collection. Like all the crafting collections, you’ll need to work with your guild and community to complete this collection.

Teach your Simian pet this ability to receive the following buff:

  • Tailor Experimentation +2
  • Tailor Assembly +5
  • Chef Experimentation +2
  • Chef Assembly +5

Inat's RattleTrap Instant Travel Vehicle smokes as it awaits departure.

Structures Helper Monkey

Crafting 25 Fish Tank Schematics will reward you with the beast ability: Helper Monkey Structures. The Fish Tank Schematic is rewarded for completing the Fish Collector collection which consists of The Reel Life Collection, Nabooian Angler Collection, and Master Angler Collection. All of these collections are fun in of themselves and can be completed by any toon with a fishing pole. Individually, they each grant a character title; together, they grant the Fish Tank Schematic.

Teach this skill to your pet of the Simian family, call the pet and receive the following buff:

  • Architecture Experimentation +2
  • Architecture Assembly +5

Engineers Helper Monkey

Another fun collection that is relatively easy to do. Craft 20 Dancing Droid Module Schematics to fulfill this collection quota. The Dancing Droid Module schematic is rewarded for completing the Unknown Astromech collection consisting of 10 simple object scattered around various starports and POIs.

Teach this skill to your pet of the Simian family, call the pet and receive the following buff:

  • Droid Experimentation +2
  • Droid Assembly +5
  • Weapon Experimentation +2
  • Weapon Assembly +5

Shipwright Helper Monkey

As of today, the Shipwright Helper Monkey has not been added to the game but according to developers, it is “forthcoming”.

Avatarian Darkcrest in his 'Cloak of Hate': The dark side robe choice rewarded by completing the Master Jedi Cloaks Collection

Jedi Collections

The Jedi based collections are very robust collections with valuable rewards including 5th generation saber schematics and new Jedi cloaks. Additionally, along the way, you receive the meditate ability, with Jedi-only buff, and a Jedi ‘waist pack’ with storage.

Thinking in terms of tiers, the Master Jedi Cloak collection is the top tier collection consisting of lower tier collections:

Master Jedi Cloak Collection: Grants access to Master Jedi Cloaks at Jedi shrines

Meditative Discipline Collection: Grants the Jedi Meditate ability

  • Collect Jedi Meditate Holocrons 1-5/5
  • Collect Sith Meditate Holocrons 1-5/5

Belt of Bodo Baas Collection: Grants the Belt of Bodo Baas

  • Collect Jedi Waistpack Holocrons 1-5/5
  • Collect Sith Waistpack Holocrons 1-5/5

1h 5th Generation Lightsaber Collection: Grants ability to craft 5th generation 1h hilts

  • One crafted Jinsu Razor hilt
  • Collect 10 Jedi Relics from Elite Force Sensitizes

2h 5th Generation Lightsaber Collection: Grants ability to craft 5th generation 2h hilts

  • Defeat the Clenched Fist of Hate boss from Exar Kun Heroic Instance
  • Defeat 10 Blackguard Grenadiers from ISD Heroic Instance

Polearm 5th Generation Lightsaber Collection: Grants ablity to craft 5th generation polearm hilts

  • Defeat Suin from Axkva Min Heroic Instance
  • Defeat 10 Tuskan Warlords from Tuskan Heroic Instance

Defeat Light Jedi Statue/Boss Umakk Bre’ano

  • Defeat Bre’ano by defending against his attacks – don’t kill him

Defeat Dark Jedi Statue/Boss Quillara

  • Defeat Quillara but killing the Dark Jedi Boss

Completing the Master Jedi Cloak collection is not easy and is quite time consuming and tedious; however, it is rewarding for the Jedi. A choice of two cloaks, light or dark, awaits the Jedi at any shrine. For more information on this line of collections, consult the more detailed and robust guides on SWG’s official Jedi forums.

Avatarian Darkcrest in his 'Shatterpoing Cloak': The light side robe choice rewarded by completing the Master Jedi Cloaks Collection

Time Sinks, Titles, Badges, and More

While not for everyone, collections offer something for everyone. No class, profession, or character level was left out. If you’re into titles there are dozens of collections that grant unique player titles (my favorite being “Force Insensitive” for completing the Order 66 collection). Additionally for the badge hunters, collections offer nearly 60 additional badges to collect. Whereas many see them as mere time sinks, collections provide an opportunity for relatively rewarding solo play during off-peak hours or times when you just need to “get away”. You never know who or what you’ll run across while collecting items; a favorite of many veterans, the “Old Man” is back in the game. While collecting a piece to the Hanging Lamp collection, be sure to curse him for introducing you to Paemos back in the day.

For additional information on specific collections and a comprehensive listing of all collections, visit the Collector’s Codex at www.swghuntersguild.com/codex


RJ Hubbard