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Chronicles of Entrath Introduces Extensive Single-Player Campaign

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With today’s release of Chronicles of Entrath, Gameforge and HEX Entertainment have published the largest PvE update for HEX: Shards of Fate to date. At the heart of this expansion lies the extensive campaign. Players start by choosing a race and class for their character, before they continue to navigate the new world map, conquering dungeons, completing side quests and challenging powerful boss opponents. In classic RPG style, players earn themselves equipment, PvE cards and talent points to unlock further skills and class bonuses.

TCG meets RPG

At the start of the campaign, HEX players create their heroes. Eight races are available in both male and female guises, each with unique bonuses, which can be combined with three different classes. Mages, warriors and clerics have individual skills at their command with which they can heal, improve cards or inflict damage directly. The decks of the individual classes also differ from one another, being tailored to the different playing styles. In addition, the considerable talent trees unlock class talents, which are available independent of race and can be improved once characters level up.

Depending on the player’s choice of race, a unique storyline unravels around the character, gradually unveiling the world of Entrath. Alongside the main storyline, there are a variety of dialogue options and side quests available to players which have a direct impact on the events in the game.

Over the course of the adventure, players push forwards into new regions, each with their own flavour. Certain provinces are steeped in rich flora and fauna, others represent dry and sandy desert settings, which not only alter the look and ambience of the playing field, but can have an impact on the gameplay itself.

More Cards for the Kingdom

After creating their characters, players receive a starter deck matching their chosen race, plus a large selection of cards. Progressing in the campaign allows more cards to be unlocked, including ones developed especially for this game mode which, in combination with the existing cards, open up ever more potential strategies and tactics.

Finally, to ensure that HEX: Shards of Fate players aren’t overwhelmed by all the new features, a new tutorial offers players a helping hand, guiding them through five small battles and a final summary to highlight the kind of tactics which can lead to success.


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