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Build Your Dream PC with the UltraWide Festival 2015 (Sponsored)

William Murphy Posted:
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The LG 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor is the latest in display technology from LG.  We’re willing to bet more than a few of you are using multiple monitors, and if not… you’re probably sadly stuck on a smaller laptop or worse… a CRT monitor (I remember when my Compaq Presario was bleeding edge, too!).  The folks at LG have the solution to your woes in the UltraWide. Read on to learn about the monitor and the UltraWide Festival 2015 contest that’s going on right now, where you can enter to win $10,000 and expert help from sage tech reviewers to build your dream workspace and gaming rig.

First, let’s talk a bit about the LG UltraWide. The LG Ultrawide Eyefinity Multi-Screen Solution makes it so you can extend your field of view normally associated with wider screens.  It’s like having 3 monitors on your desk, but without the breaks and with a sleek curved view that wraps around your field of vision. There is even a built in utility called Multiplex Gaming Station that allows you to stream, play, and record all at once, using the screen’s real estate to its highest potential.

The Ultrawide in all its glory…

To put its money where its mouth (or monitor) is, LG is hosting a special marketing event to get the word out about the UltraWide called the UltraWide Festival 2015.  You can apply now on the Festival website to compete in the December event geared towards advancing the careers of up and coming YouTubers, gaming personalities, and tech enthusiasts. Three winners will received a 10,000 sponsorship to build their own personal dream setup for work and play. 

Jahova's Announcement Video

At the Festival itself, the winners will work with Lewis Hilsenteger (Unbox Therapy), Linus Sebastian (LinusTechTips), and Jahova Witniss to build and create that 10,000 setup in all its glory. The UltraWide Festival will finally culminate with a party in Vancouver, where the YouTube stars and the three winners will mingle and network with fans and like-minded gamers and content creators.  Apply here before September 25th. Thirty finalists will be selected between September 21st and October 2nd, and the winners for the actual Festival to be held in December will be chosen in late October.

What are you waiting for? Go enter!


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