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Avoiding and Resolving Account Issues

Faisal Baig Posted:
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Runescape: Avoiding and Resolving Account Issues

MMORPG.com Correspondent Faisal Baig writes this article on avoiding and dealign with account disputes in Jagex's MMORPG, Runescape

We’ve all been here before, or will be here eventually. There comes a time in most players’ lives, that they receive a black mark, a mute, or even a permanent ban. While this may be the player’s fault, or someone else on the character, Jagex needs to know. This simple guide goes through the different scenarios of a ban, and how to appeal Jagex’s descisions. With it, you will hopefully be able to recover your account from sure doom and be able to play like a good citizen once again. It shall cover all cases of appealing bans, from apology to evidence.

What this guide will do:

  • Teach constructive argument and how to argue without using all caps and about 500 exclamation points
  • Gain an understanding of Jagex's methods and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Help an appeal to be successful and therefore be unbanned.

What this guide will not do:

  • Encourage you to lie
  • Trick Jagex.

What was the reason for punishment?

First and foremost, there is always a reason. Even if you don't understand how Jagex made that decision, it's still important to know what you did wrong, for you to lodge an appeal. Check the evidence given, the rule you broke in the Knowledge Base (or Forum Rules). Know the rule, know what happened. If it is autoing, payment issues, or real world trading, no evidence will be provided, and these are somewhat easier to appeal. If it is advertising, offensive language, or any chat based rule, you will be given evidence. Evidence is shown as a section from your own chat window with other chat with players names censored out. This is important, as, if the evidence is correct and clearly shows you breaking the rule, your appeal will most probably be futile. The next few sections will go through the possibilities of why you were punished:

B>Punished for no reason.

This is a common problem, and is easily fixable. Usually, it is because people report others for no reason, or report the wrong person by mistake. This is easily correctable, and asking Jagex to evaluate the chat to check reasons and misunderstandings in it works very well. Be careful though, check the text thoroughly. If you did say something, you'll be shown up as a liar and Jagex will, most likely, disapprove your appeal. If nothing has gone amiss, all should be okay, and you will hopefully receive access to your account once again. Explain to them carefully, and use witnesses as evidence.

Chance of success: 5/5.

Punished for the wrong reason.

This happens, quite commonly, because the reporter, moderator, or Jagex, misunderstand what has been said. This could be when naming a player with a suspect name, or even with a simple typo. There are two things that can be done. You can take the 'You accused me wrongly' stance, which is a risky prospect, as you might get into even more trouble, and being arrogant will not be advisable. You can also apologize about the mistake and promise to be more careful. This is much better, and an understanding moderator should take this into consideration. None of these methods are foolproof, however, and remember, if it is a valid reason, DO NOT LIE or make anything up (it’s just not worth the trouble) and go on to the next section.

Chance of success: 4/5.

Punished for a valid reason

If this happens, the chances of being unbanned is extremely unlikely, depending on the severity of the case. Autoing, real world trading, and advertising bad websites is an automatic denial, and you will sadly never see your account again. Offensive language or something of that sort, if the circumstances are odd, can get a sympathy vote, if apologizing sincerely. Lying to get unbanned never works, as Jagex runs the game, they have access to everything, so they are extremely hard to deceive. A liar will never get away with it, and if he manages to, he will always be found out eventually. Fighting back is unadvised, as it will just get you into more trouble. Apology is the only real way to get anywhere good.

Chance of success: 1/5.

Tips and Tricks

  • Jagex does read every appeal, but does give stock answers.
  • Proper grammar will always get better results.
  • Work with Jagex, not against them.
  • Never lie. Admit mistakes.
  • Having a good history helps, so report offenders wherever possible. In other words, get on Jagex’s good side.
  • Never threaten, they've heard it all before and I’m sure they do not want to hear it again, and you will most probably get an immediate denial.
  • Plan, spend at least an hour writing the appeal, as you only get 400 letters and usually only one chance to appeal a case. Be careful and don’t hasten if you want your account back!
  • Write a rough draft and read it to yourself a few times. Get a friend to read it too if you can.
  • BE SINCERE. Don’t act arrogant or pushy, and don’t do anything to annoy or anger the moderator. Use a calm tone and use lots of words of gratitude. Thank them in advance, and make them feel that you are really a very nice person and deserve a second chance.
  • Speak like you are talking to your boss or principal, don’t use slang or offensive language.
  • Never break the rules in the first place.

An example of a good appeal


I would like to appeal my ban for ______, as am very sorry and I sincerely promise that I will never commit this horrendous crime again. What I did was wrong, and I humbly apologize for my actions. I hope you understand that I made a mistake and I will do my absolute best to refrain from evil actions.

Thank you for your time,

(Your Username)

NOTE: Fill the blank with whatever rule you broke.

An example of a bad appeal


In conclusion, if you find yourself with a ban from Jagex, think about the reason and act accordingly, don’t lie, and be very, very sincere when you are appealing your ban.


Faisal Baig