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Authorized Antivirus Software At Half Price And Win 10 Pro As A Gift (SPONSORED)

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For fans looking for software keys online, BZfuture is a specialized dealer providing official software codes, as well as helping supply their hardware and gaming accessory needs. As the costs of codes from the official sites continue to rise, buying from an authorized dealer like BZfuture can help you save some money in the long run.

For software like Kaspersky, Avila and McAfee Antivirus, the price on the official website can definitely price some people out. However, BZfuture has those customers covered. You can take advantage of a deal giving you a year of McAfee Antivirus for $15.98, while Kaspersky for 6 months can be obtained for a cool $17.33. Those looking for Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019, you can take advantage of BZfuture’s stellar $23.77.

BZfuture is sweetening the deal by offering MMORPG readers a free copy of Windows 10 with their purchase. For many Windows users who are now having to make the transition from Windows 7 now that Microsoft has deprecated the OS, this can be a killer deal to get on the latest OS.  In addition, the 8% discount code BZMMORPG can be used when purchasing any game accessories in the BZFuture online store (no customs duties required).

How to purchase(Take the example of buying a McAfee key)

To take advantage of this deal, head to the BZfuture website.

  1. Select the product you’re looking at buying

  1. Create an account (or use you social media accounts to sign into BZfuture)
  1. Once signed in, add the item you’re buying to the cart as well as the Windows 10 OEM CD-Key
  2. The OEM key will show $0.00 in the cart

  1. Submit your order and you’ll be all set! You will receive the code in the email associated with your account within moments!

How to activate(Take the example of buying a McAfee key)

1.Create an account on the McAffee website , click on the “My Account” menu, select “Redeem your Retail Card” and enter the activation code received from BZfuture. You will be prompted to download the program corresponding to this code.

2. You can activate Windows 10 or change the type of license from Home to Pro in “Settings” → “System” → “About system” → “Change product key or update Windows version” → “Change product key”.

If you have any questions or difficulties before or after purchasing the product on the BZFuture website, you can contact support via chat or e-mail [email protected] (requests are processed around the clock).



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