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Arkfall Hunter Rewards Promo Code Giveaway

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Arkfall codes are scattered across Defiance assets, hidden in trailers, newsletters, in banners on websites and more!  Collect these codes to unlock special in-game rewards by signing up and joining the Ark Hunter Rewards program today!

  • These codes just go towards unlocking up to 15 different level of rewards.  Players can collect up to 120 individual codes to reach all 15 levels. These codes themselves don’t unlock rewards.
  • Basically if a new player were to start from scratch and input these 15 codes they would hit level 5 straight away and unlock the first 5 rewards. If they’ve already started collecting codes these would help them achieve the next level or two of rewards.




  • Q4DUBL
  • NC9VYK
  • TTDGX4
  • 9C9N87
  • ZZKJ2G
  • T76SN6
  • XWRN9M
  • 88UPWS  



  1. Go to Defiance.com/arkhunter and register to be an Ark Hunter or log in with your existing Trion account.
  2. Once you have signed up you can start entering codes and unlocking your rewards.
  3. Each time you find a new code go back to Defiance.com/game and select the ‘MY EGO’ tab and enter your code.
  4. There are a total of 15 rewards to unlock.
  5. Your rewards will be granted in the game at launch.


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