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April Fools' From Around the Gaming Universe

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Dark Souls III The Movie for VHS

Dark voices have been whispering the news from the shadows, Dark Souls III is coming to your television on VHS on April 12th!

A long time ago, in a world deep in the darkest ages, hellish fiends ruled over this land. But one man, will rise up, and raise a whole lotta hell. When you pick a fight with the devil, you'd better be stronger than hell! Dark Souls III - The Movie; a brand new chilling adventure by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

Saga of Lucimia - Moving to Full Loot PvP & Cash Shop

In order to maximize our revenue, we’ll also be looking into adding some kind of a cash shop to the game. It’s just the way things are done these days, and unfortunately we don’t see us being able to generate enough revenue from merely having a monthly subscription. Far too many people have complained that they won’t play our game because it has a box fee AND a monthly subscription, and like many others who are faced with these sorts of realities in this business, we have to keep the lights on, and that means making sacrifices to our core business principles in order to hit the bottom line.

Dragon Age: Inquisition: How It COULD Have Ended

If Dragon Age was a ‘90s action movie.....

Skyforge Turning to a Turn-Based Strategy MMO!

As a new MMO, Skyforge has been critically acclaimed for many of its features, its presentation, visuals, and most importantly its combat. However, seeing as Skyforge is still very much in development, it’s common to have certain game functions change over time, ranging from minor mechanical changes to complete gameplay alterations. With this in mind, it has been decided that Skyforge will be, by no later than September 2016, transitioning back to its original pre-alpha design of a Turn-Based Strategy MMO!

Players may be concerned about this change so we're here to provide a very brief preview of things to come.

Dark Age of Camelot Hologram Wars

SMITE: The Newest God - The Manticore, The Forgotten Blight

Introducing the new-ish god to join the battleground of the gods - Manticore, the Forgotten Blight! Available in the 3.5.5 patch, "Loki's Revenge", hitting April 1, 2016.

Wizard101 - Introducing the New Rubber Ducky Mount

Splish splash, the Spiral's taking a bath! Introducing a mount that brings a new level of sophistication and polish to the Spiral - the Rubber Ducky!

Hop and bop along with our rubbery new mount!

Don't be that quack in the Spiral without a duck! Pick up your ducky for only 3,750 Crowns!

Star Trek Online - New Playable Species - The Horta!

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our latest unlockable species: the Horta! Too long has their rocky past kept the Horta at the foot of the galactic table! This unusually-charismatic and agile species once hailed from the planet Janus VI. Since their humble beginnings as silicon eggs, the Horta have grown to become key members of the Federation.

Born tactical geniuses, the Horta will add a distinctive mark to any task force! These natural espionage agents can burrow through any wall or obstacle to instantly appear! Their cunning intellect allows the Horta to get the literal drop on their enemy!

Landmark Introduces the Retroizer!

The Landmark Team has observed that there have been a number of games over the past few years that adopt an older art style, generally appearing pixelated and blocky. With that in mind, we've been considering some graphical changes to Landmark. In this video, get a first look at those changes, and log in to game to get your Landmark Retro-izer to enable the changes on your own character!

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen to Add New Instance and Dungeon Finder

Just finished the instanced dungeon and dungeon finder design doc -- will distribute shortly in the Blog section.

Spoke with our lead programmer -- teleporting people to the entrance of a dungeon from various locations shouldn't be difficult to implement once we can define those areas in 3d space.

Basically, anyone who buys the teleporter item from the cash shop can be taken to the entrance of the instance.

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