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Age of Expansion Timeliine (536 AC to 593 AC)

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The Chronicles of Spellborn: Age of Expansion Timeliine (536 AC to 593 AC)

The folks over at The Chronicles of Spellborn have updated their site with another in their timeline installments, letting players know some of the history surrounding the game wrold. today's timeline covers the years 536 AC to 593 AC.

  • 536 AC: The Oracle, new leader of the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices, shows the way towards the Shard Mount of Heroes to further expand the Enclave’s reach.
  • 538 AC: After exploring the Shard and freeing it from the Undying Ice, the Enclave settles down in Westdell. Thawing the Undying Ice not only allowed the Enclave to discover more landmass, it also awoke a terrible foe, the Howlers.
  • 546 AC: The Howler War starts, as Westdell is rampaged and utterly destroyed by the Howler onslaught.
  • 550-551 AC: As the Enclave tries to resist the Howlers, a new settlement is founded, called Boltfort. This time, the hold overcomes the attacks from the assailant, putting an end to the Howler War.
  • 593 AC: After many years of fruitless exploration in the Deadspell, the Enclave finally discovers a new Shard. Proceeding to thaw it with the Barbarian Seal, they awoke and eventually become acquainted with a new tribe, the Speyrfolk.

Want to know more?

Mount of Heroes: The most notable thing about Mount of Heroes is its size and unnatural shape. Scholars say the current state of Mount of Heroes is the result of a massive collision between two shards or fragments, crushing into one another and merging together. It is named Mount of Heroes, for only the brave can survive on its soil.


Their origin is unknown, yet their existence isn’t the likes of fables or myths. They have spread throughout the other Shards in the Deadspell Storm ever since they were first discovered by unfortunate miners excavating the Mount of Heroes Mines. Being natural burrowers, they always have the element of surprise as they launch themselves at their victims from their underground hiding places.


Speyrfolk is the collective name for four human clans left on the Shard of Ringfell. These clans are tribal in nature and in constant strife with each other. Lots of mysteries surround them, and many intrigues are yet to be cleared up by the adventurous.


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