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A Look At The New Update

Dennis Carney Posted:
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If you have been with NDOORS over the past months, then you must know that they are all about bringing new content into the mix. Looking at their recent content updates including the incredible looking Unicorn, the demonic looking Lucifer's Wings, the futuristic Mars Rider, and the most recent, Gothic costume.

These are just a few examples of the "close detail" approach that NDOORS takes with their games.

But now we have another update. In my opinion, NDOORS has risen above and beyond most peoples’ expectations for a F2P MMO and brought us Atlantica Online, breaking the mould on the mainstream example that we have known for so long. Not only is Atlantica Online free, but in my opinion it is more fun, has more content, and has an extremely better experience than most of the current popular P2P MMORPGs.

In this new update, NDOORS brings to us what many people would call a godsend to those who have reached the top, and have nowhere to go. Calling out to all of the Atlanteans who have risen to level 120, they have bestowed unto them a level cap increase, to level 130.

Including more quests, more equipment, a new mount, and wait for it...

A New Mercenary

Introducing to you, the Minstrel. Rumored around the interwebs for months, this Instrument-user mercenary dons gothic-esque attire and an attitude that could rock the ages. This mercenary is the answer to those of you who want to "stick it to" the Power-Saw users.

Including new skills such as Hallucination, Seal Power Saw, and Salvation, the Minstrel will make a perfect edition to any team.

A New Mount

If you got tired of your old, broken down Mars Rider, get ready to put on your dragonskin gloves, because you're gonna need them. If you feel brave enough, you can attempt to wrangle down a brand new Hydra mount. With three heads of ass-kicking awesomeness, there is no way that you won't turn the heads of your enemies... One way or another. If the sound of riding a dragon isn't good enough to tickle your proverbial funny bone, maybe the stat boost might buckle your boots for you. Including a whopping 340-440 attack stat, Strength and Dexterity +140, Vitality +200, and Defense +4200. Oh, and it rides 20% faster than walking.

Level Cap Increase

Here is the winner folks. If you are currently level 120, then listen up!

You may now level past 120! With the cap increased to 130, expect some new quests to entertain you.

But be warned, you must complete a quest in order to hit level 121. The same goes for your mercenaries, They cannot level if you don't, so get questing! But since I like you guys so much, I will talk about the quests a little. They take place at the Mysterious Saloon, which is festering with incredibly difficult mobs that resurrect when you kill them, into more ugly looking monsters. You must endure a total of 13 quests, four bosses, and hours upon hours of gathering quest drops. But don’t worry! It all pays off in the end, because then you can equip...

New Dragon God Equipment Set

If you got tired of your +10 Phoenix equipment, and wanted a change, NDOORS has heard your plea. Upon reaching level 121, you can don the new Dragon God gear! Being craft only, it is going to utilize the level cap increase, and make you level your awesome crafting skill even further. Oh, did I say something about a level cap? That’s right... all Crafting skills have been increased to level 120 as well. Also new in this update are the items used to craft the new Dragon God set. They can be found at the Mysterious Saloon, and the new...

Van Gogh Gallery

Delving into the mind of the famous Vincent Van Gogh, this dungeon is made for the level 124+ range.

Given the work you have to go through to actually go to this dungeon, it has to be amazing. With the scheme set around Van Gogh's famous paintings, not only can you go rip through the meanest baddies around, you can take in the wonders of modern technology in reproducing art. While we are on the subject of new dungeons, why don’t I talk about the new...

Level 118 Ind. Dungeon

Thats right guys, a new place to go and battle against the time, with you and two buddies. Based in Constantinople, the Palace of Night is not a place to mess around with, if you don't have a top notch team.

In order to get the key "Infatuation Jewel", you have to trade in two Guild Operation Text Books to NPC Merchant Mercurius, located in Rome. Speaking of Rome, a new NPC has been added in case you hated running all the way back to the beginning towns to trade in your Free League coins!

Now that the good stuff is out of the way, it is now time to talk about the...

New Item Additions

To compensate for the new level increase, a new tier of items have been added! Now most every item has been increased to five (V), for the members who hit level 121+.

Potions, Skill Books, Scrolls, you name it! Except now you cannot use Elixir [V] in Free League.

Also in this patch, there is a huge change that will disrupt the world as we know it. Oriharukon Stones will no longer exist! Instead, they are being replaced with an item called Atlas Stones. Oriharukon [III] will be converted to x5 Atlas Stones, and Oriharukon [IV] will be converted to x10 Atlas Stones. You may think this is going to suck, because your Oriharukon Stones are going to go poof, but instead, think more about the fact that there is no longer a level limit on the items that you can enchant. Instead, the amount of Atlas Stones changes per [Equipment] level of the item enchanted. If you are still confused, go check out the patch, I'm sure it will become clear soon enough.


Dennis Carney