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8Realms Beta Giveaway

William Murphy Posted:
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Jagex and MMORPG.com have partnered to bring you exclusive Early VIP access to their new mobile MMORTS, 8Realms.  We gave you a first-look at the game with Adam Tingle's article today, and now you can experience the city building for yourself.  All you have to do to begin building your own empire this very moment is click the link to 8Realms.com or click the banner below and enter the key you see below.  You'll have to create a new account, and can opt in for (or completely ignore) Facebook integration.  It's not required at all to play the game.

Exclusive Early VIP Access Key | MMORPG10


Check out the trailer for the game below, to get you amped up to try the VIP Early Access.


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