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8.1 Brings the Brits

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Wargaming.net continues to add to World of Tanks with solid updates on an regular schedule. I say that because the content updates to the game remain consistent and always delivery something new for players. With 8.1 the addition of British tanks plus a lot of gameplay and graphical clean up comes into the game with the force of a cannon. Even though we have been focused on World of Warplanes lately with coverage, it is great to see World of Tanks continue to get great updates. Let’s take a look at 8.1 and its additions.

First off, the British are coming! Joining the battlefields is the Cromwell, Comet, Centurion, and Crusader. You also are getting the Black Prince and the Vickers. Overall, twenty-two British tanks will be rolling onto the field. This is a long-awaited update and one that many fans of the United Kingdom will enjoy. There is something very cool about seeing a whole country get represented in a game. When wargaming.net takes the step to add new tanks to the game, they definitely do it with style. More updates are in store for the British down the line, but for now, you have a whole arsenal to choose from with these new tanks.

Driving these tanks around makes for some fun gameplay because they tend to handle differently than the tanks we're used to. I also love being able to customize and add things like the Union Jack onto my tank. With 8.1 the game plays much smoother since my last go around and the updates to the engine and graphics (from 8.0) can be seen very well. I had a good time in the smaller battles and engagements testing out which tanks to run in larger scenarios.

Wargaming.net also added better effects onto several battlefields and continues to update the quality of play for its tank drivers. This update also focused on several lighter tanks to give players more options with speed and firepower, rather than just heavy armor. Even more sinister however is in the Clan Wars battlefield you now can use espionage on your opponents.I do hope that Wargaming.net continues to add these types of updates to Clan Wars because it sounds like so much fun. It gives players more to think about in terms of strategy and focus on a battle than just pure firepower.

As we look at all of these updates, World of Tanks rolls on and is already tread-deep in developing 8.2 with the Chinese tanks taking the field and lots of new updates to the game. The American tanks are also getting an update soon. There will be some new battlefield effects coming as well. Whether you are a casual or hardcore tank commander, the speed and level of updates that World of Tanks delivers really is fantastic for players. There is always something to look forward to. More battlegrounds await as I continue to test out my Crusader.

Have you given the recent major updates to WoT a try? What do you think of the new engine and tanks so far?  Let us know!


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