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5 Wishes for WoW's 10th Anniversary Expansion

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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There are a lot of thing that World of Warcraft can do in its next expansion. Of course we here at MMORPG.com love to speculate on what is coming in the coming months. Hopefully we will hear the announcement at BlizzCon.

5. Get Rid of Tab Targeting

This would take a major overhaul to gameplay but MMOs have already moved in this direction. If World of Warcraft is doing a full ten year expansion then this should be one of the core pieces to the redesign of game play. I seriously doubt the team would do this because it would change too many mechanics, but I think it would bring WoW into this decade and make for a much better game.

4. A Warzone Continent - PvP Horde vs. Alliance

Take the storyline that was Warcraft's RTS roots and give it to the players. The new continent should be a massive PvP zone with elements from all of the old Warcraft games combined into one for players. Give it a solid storyline with plenty of cut scenes and motivation like a true war between Horde and Alliance. Even though the MMO has outlived the older Warcraft RTS popularity it would be great to see a true PvP expansion. One that paid homage to the game’s history and reset the factions against each other. There should be hardcore and casual modes where players can enter fights on different levels and battle it out.

3.  An End to the Gear Grind

Blizzard knows this forumla. However it has alienated a lot of its playerbase by embracing this model. It really has become too much of a chore to keep up with the raiding and dungeons. With Siege of Orgrimmar, WoW took a step in the more casual direction with Flex Raids. With the ten year anniversary of the game, you want to give players a reason to come back. If they made the entire expansion from level 90 to 100 all about story and PvP and not so much about getting new gear, you would find a lot of players returning. Many people I know do not bother coming back to WoW because they simply cannot keep up with the gear progression treadmill. By ending this drive for gear, Warcraft could see its subscribers climb to over ten million again.

2. Veteran Rewards

Any player that created a character on Day One of Warcraft’s launch should get a free tour of Blizzard HQ! Seriously though, Blizzard should do something for the players who have remained loyal over the years. They should look at accounts and reward people starting with those who were there on day one. Maybe some kid of flying mount or something. I doubt they will ever do this for players, but it would be an awesome addition to say thank you for so many people who made WoW a success. Perhaps something like this would change that.

1. Playable on Next-Gen Consoles

With all of the changes coming in the new console generation will we finally see WoW played on our TV sets? I think we will this time. The PS4 and Xbox One will be hosting other MMOs coming out like Elder Scrolls Online it would be no wonder that WoW would be playable on the next generation machines. If Blizzard plays their cards right with some graphical updates and makes World of Warcraft friendlier to MMO initiates again they will bring in players through the new consoles guaranteed.

What about you? What would you love to see in the World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary expansion? Let us know in the comments!


Garrett Fuller

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