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2014 April Fool's Day Round Up

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Nothing spites a news manager more than the arrival of April 1st and the attendant, and expected, games industry jokes. To celebrate the day, we've rounded up April Fool's pranks for your amusement into one convenient post that we will update throughout the day. 

Warframe: The mighty GRATE FRAME is unleashed onto unsuspecting players. Grate Prime is the epitome of metal grate and ancient Orokin technology combined. Able to withstand damage from the heaviest of Tenno, this golden gilded Grate boasts twice the entry power and floor bounce rate of the original Grate. (Thanks to LeiHngWei for the tip!)

DC Universe Online: The Unicorn Trinket has finally arrived! After a year of hints and speculation, the time of the Unicorn Trinket has finally arrived and has dropped in the Vault! Mostly hilarity and perspective ensued, including the tweets above and this thread on the subject.

The Secret World: Equality in armor and bathing attire. After complaints about sexism in the game's clothing market, Funcom has responded to set those fears to rest. Again, a picture speaks a thousand, if not a million words (Thanks to DancingStar for the tip!):

Shroud of Avatar: New funding goal reached and to celebrate the team has released news of a pair of new features coming to the game: A new hot tub in the item and the coconut shell mount for those on a budget.

Path of Exile: Now PAY TO WIN! Just a few words says it all. Wallet Warriors take note and head to the official site to throw down the old cashola and WIN WIN WIN! (Thanks to Nightbringe1 for the tip!)

War Thunder: Gaijilla, a new Japanese super weapon set to take the war by storm. The team has released a brand new, never-before-seen video to show off the awesomeness that is...GAIJILLA!

World of WarPlanes: Playable UFOs enter the game for that otherworldly experience!

Life is Feudal gives players a fright on its main page and shows off "apple"oosa horse, new mount to enter the game (thanks to Saxx0n for the tip!):

Mass EffectFans of everyone's favorite Calibration Star, Garrus Vacarian, can now preorder the amazing body length pillow featuring the very best Turian in the galaxy! This therapeutic companion pillow provides comfort and protection when your guard is down. The memory foam quickly calibrates to your body for unmatched support.

Dragon Age: InquisitionThe Varric Chest Hair Toupe is now available for preorder! Who could pass up this manly look? Girls will dig it!

Wizard101 and Pirate101 now offer players the Monty Pythonesque MIGHTY STEED with not one, but two epic coconut shells to pound together!  We have an amazing new horse mount for your equestrian pursuits! We have ridden since the snows of winter through the kingdom of Ravenwood to bring you this newest mount...Those are just two coconuts you're banging together!

TERA to add new BEEutiful features to the game including Beekeeper class, Antihistamine Tablets and much more. "The blooms found on the new ninja weapon skins has invoked the Rise of the Bees. A large number of bees have been spotted all throughout the world. The bees have also made significant changes to the open world."

Star Wars: The Old Republic: New ship added: The Asteroid, now rockin' spaceports throughout the galaxy! Thanks to Xerenix for the tip...again!)

Neverwinter - Gelatinous Cube Mount on sale from today through April 4th: "The Gelatinous Cube is guaranteed to be the smoothest ride in all of Faerûn! Stepping inside the slimy monster might come at a cost; however we aren’t responsible for any damage done to armor, weapons, skin or internal organs. This rank 2 mount increases your movement speed by 80%." (Ed. Note: This one has all the earmarks of legit...heading to game to do some research! Update: Seems so! Check it out in game for yourself!) In addition, Cryptic has announced the new playable dragon race!

The Repopulation to bring karaoke machines, Justin Bieber's greatest hits into the game...and garden gnomes! Major audio track changes made: players can choose alternate tracks instead of the current 'mood music' for battle and crafting. Choices include Top 40 Elevator Tracks, Justin Bieber's complete playlist, 70's TV hits including the monkees and the partridge family as well as theme songs for Hogan's Heroes and Gilligan's Island. So much other goodness coming soon. Be sure to check out the link above! (Thanks JCSmith for the tip!)

Diablo III Happy Reaper coming to mobile devices soon! Take on the role of Malthiel himself in Happy Reaper as he brings ruin and devastation to Sanctuary!

World of Warcraft Revamps Female Draenei: "The original model was never very popular among players, and while certainly there are the few who dearly love playing a female Draenei, we felt like we needed to start over."  The latest Artcraft article has been posted but, as with anything, a picture speaks a thousand words:

Blizzard Outcasts - culls the ranks of the "also rans" from WoW, Diablo 3 and Starcraft:

Heroes of the Storm: Pajamathur the latest hero to be revealed for Blizzard's upcoming MOBA. While the fortitude of the mighty Ultralisk is held in high regard by the Swarm, no single zerg’s infantile skills and well-honed secrets are spoken of with higher reverence than that of Specialist Pajamathur. (Thanks Postal13 for the tip!)

World of Tanks: The Crayfish: Kill hordes of crayfish across several battlegrounds in three classes: Small, medium and large. Yep, you can actually play this one, the latest from Chris Taylor and company. 

League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire Mode now with no mana or resource costs! All this and more coming for next seaon! Check out the link for a way-awesome video!

Lord of the Rings Online announces Kingsfoil Championship (KFC) league that challenges players to drive a chicken between goal posts using a stick and whatever means necessary to accomplish the task! (thanks to Vrika for the tip!)

CalcMMO: Brought to you by the fine creators of 8BitMMO, a new math-based MMO that can be played via Steam today only since the team plans the launch and shut down all in a single day!

Guild Wars 2Now with bobblehead action! Enter the game and check out the extra 200% cranium space. Whether it makes your character smarter or not remains to be seen!

Final Fantasy XIV: Get that extra special feeling from your favorite NPC thanks to the new favor system! (Thanks Xerenix for the tip!)


Suzie Ford

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