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GC-Germany 2007 Videos

GC-Germany 2007 Videos

Chad Haley Interview(18:29)

Jon Wood sat down with Chad Haley Character Art Lead for EQ2 to talk about what's coming up in EverQuest 2's fourth expansion The Rise of Kunark, including a look at a new race known as the Sanark.
Duration: 18:29
Views: 10,147  19 comments
Game: EverQuest II
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  • nono1 writes: Guys the only thing that makes a good game is YOUR OPINION!!! who gives a shit about wat other people think....its wat u think okat!!!!!!! Fri Jan 18 2008 5:17PM
  • terrium writes: Looks great! I play both WoW and EQ2 (mostly WoW), but I gotta agree with the EQ2 guys: More players doesn't mean a better game. EQ2 does have better lore, content, music, it's more challenging and has better game play altogether. I play WoW for my friends, the casual gameplay, and the humorous characters and lore. WoW is very rewarding and easy to play, but this is also a flaw, making it a short lived play, one lacking much challenge. I'm gonna go play WoW now, but major props to EQ2, I will definitely be playing it more after this expansion comes out. Sun Sep 02 2007 6:56PM
  • zamian writes: SARNAK Not Sanark ^.^ Sat Sep 01 2007 12:38PM
  • zamian writes: Jon Wood sat down with Chad Haley Character Art Lead for EQ2 to talk about what's coming up in EverQuest 2's fourth expansion The Rise of Kunark, including a look at a new race known as the Sanark. Its spelled Sarnak not Sanark LOL Sat Sep 01 2007 12:37PM
  • Hituro writes: What is with the WoW cry babies bashing this expansion? EQ2's expansions bring "content" to the table. And no offense to your WoWies, but Blizzard has barely brought much content to the table. If I remember correctly weren't WoW players "begging" for more content and a new expansions a year or so back? Go troll another place =p We EQers are excited about our new expansion since it's more uber than your Lich King crap ;p Fri Aug 31 2007 4:30AM
  • smut writes: I have to agree with everything youve said Elikal. Ive been really happy with EQ2 for the past year i've been playing. Cant wait to make a Sarnak male with some bad ass scale design. Fri Aug 31 2007 3:12AM
  • Uproar writes: Once again I can't play a Mediaplayer file on this site and I refuse to load Quicktime. Fix this site!! I have no issues anywhere else. Thu Aug 30 2007 9:21PM
  • aku_djinn writes: Will we get a new character slot with the expansion? Thu Aug 30 2007 2:03PM
  • Grimshok writes: Ditto on the bandwidth/server buffering. Otherwise, always a pleasure, and thanks for the video info! Thu Aug 30 2007 1:23PM
  • Najtro writes: MMORPG need to fix or upgrade the server or something. It's buffring all the time. Thu Aug 30 2007 12:27PM
  • Ironman2000 writes: not really interested, I always thought it was fun killing Sarnak in EQ 1, but I never saw them as a playable race. They could have picked something better considering they already have one reptillian race.... Thu Aug 30 2007 11:16AM
  • cupertino writes: Jotull - EQ2 needed the expansions to keep their players.. WoW didn't. And WoW's 9million proves that more expansions dont = a better game =D Thu Aug 30 2007 10:52AM
  • jotull writes: Awesome! I'm truly amazed at the effort SOE is putting into EQ II. Four expansions in three years and Blizzard can barely squeeze out one. More proof that moreplayers dosen't mean better game. Thu Aug 30 2007 10:44AM
  • midwestnets writes: It is noticable what SOE actually gained by buying that POS, Vanguard. Looks like they are stealing most of the good technology from it. Kinda figured that was the thought process behind it. Thu Aug 30 2007 10:26AM
  • cupertino writes: So its ok for EQ2 to raise the LvL cap, add a new race, new zones for the 10 new levels, and new low level staring zones for the new races.. but when WoW does that (TBC) its a bad thing? I don't get it.. really dont. Thu Aug 30 2007 9:41AM
  • cupertino writes: yawn... more of the same. Thu Aug 30 2007 9:37AM
  • Psycha writes: The Sarnak looks exceptionally well done! The movement of it is wild! And the Size of that new zone... I am really excited for this expansion. The new updates with the music, their story of how they came to the world, the cool idea of the weapon that shatters when you die... all of it just sounds great. Thu Aug 30 2007 9:24AM
  • Jehryn1982 writes: stutter :( Thu Aug 30 2007 6:55AM
  • Elikal writes: Looks awesome, I cant wait to play a Sanark now. With the new graphics here it has suprassed VG even in that aspect now. The EQ2 devs really learned a lot and the game has advanced very good now. I am surprised how good it all became, and how many really cool things they added and will add. I really like that they expand the game with so many really new features, like the animated weapons or the changing combat music. Unlike WOW, who stays the same all the time, SOE really evolves EQ2, which is great to see. This game still would deserve a much bigger audience IMO. Its becoming a real quality product now. Plus, VG is finally really only EQ 1.5 now, compared to this. Thu Aug 30 2007 5:47AM

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