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GC-Germany 2007 Videos

GC-Germany 2007 Videos

Siege PvP in Age of Conan(24:21)

Check out this video featureing Siege PvP in the upcoming MMO Age of Conan.
Duration: 24:21
Views: 26,056  55 comments
Game: Age of Conan: Unchained
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  • Stormblaest writes: I love it that they took some good ideas from Anarchy Online. For example with window for B.keep attack, that is actually low level suppression gas in AO ... Wed Apr 16 2008 2:44AM
  • Psy700G writes: plz refer to KaioSamaALC (post below) Tue Apr 15 2008 10:02PM
  • AmazingAvery writes: Dude the video is from August 2007... Sun Mar 02 2008 2:32AM
  • Douhk writes: After watching this I wouldn't be surprised if it was pushed back another couple months. Had a huge amount of glitches that you could see all over.. the combat system doesn't look anywhere near as "original" as I expected... and the presentation itself was just horrible. If you're going to have a presentation towards the american public you need a native speaker of the english language... it's not the fact that he was hard to listen to or anything, but more of the sake of having the appearance that it was an actually prepared presentation... and all of the "uhhh"s and talk of boobs didn't help. What I find funny is that the very next second he was talking about it being a mature game he makes a wise comment towards "boobies" being their #1 reason you should buy the game... it's pixelated, and to be honest that isn't what's going to sell a video game. Fri Feb 22 2008 7:57PM
  • Shifty360 writes: Ok, showing the award was lame. Mon Dec 24 2007 9:45PM
  • SniMuh writes: very promising game best upcoming game for example in gameplay, content, lore and graphics... Wed Dec 12 2007 4:19AM
  • kingj0n writes: This isn't fun looking. Another stupid MMO Sat Oct 13 2007 11:18PM
  • KaioSamaALC writes: ROFLMAO, the comments on this page about this video and this game are to laugh at, you have your opinion people, but seriously, the game "Looks" good, and IS promising, lets just wait till it comes out ok, we have all heard all the intelligent and extremely ridiculous comments that could possibly be said about this game, so now plz if you dont have anything productive or logically critical to say, keep it to yourself lol......and really, english isnt those guys first languange, and I doubt more than 10% of the people subscribed to this site speak more than one language fluently.......they did an ok job presenting this the way, I do agree that they should have already had a lot of this stuff already coded since the game was supposed to come out this month but im glad they pushed it back, gives them time to reevaluate things. Tue Oct 09 2007 2:22AM
  • Saurus930 writes: Conan should not be about cool bosses and new monsters, it should be true to the Conan lore. Hopefully not that many monsters and magic trinkets at all. But I have my doubts... Mon Sep 24 2007 12:06PM
  • Lewkas writes: Wow, super let down from this video. Very poor presentation. Mal sehen. Wed Sep 19 2007 1:17PM
  • darkxiao writes: i hope you retards don't think having a sense of humor isn't mature, everyone has one. That still doesn't determine a maturity level of a person Mon Sep 10 2007 1:20AM
  • donmaximo writes: I'm looking forward to this game. But here's a tip for FunCom: If you want people to take your "mature" rated game seriously, get some "mature" rated developers to showcase it. Not these buffoons who seem to be doing more damage than good in articulating the fine points of the game. "Conan is all about boobs."? Jeezus! I hope this guy isn't an example of the "mature" players I can expect on these servers. Bad PR FunCom...bad, bad PR. Mon Sep 03 2007 2:21AM
  • Elikal writes: *rolls eyes* Succubi, huh? And thats mature? Looks more quite immature, heh. Ey, how how a nude Incubus? *gg* The world looks good, but I think I am going to pass this game. Nothing that really appeals me, but each to his. Thu Aug 30 2007 5:03AM
  • Fion writes: FYI Mjk, a guild can only control 1 Battle Keep, and like 1 Battle Tower and 2-3 Resource Nodes. So one single guild won't rule the end game PvP. About a dozen will. But with the Mercenary system, anyone can participate, even if they aren't in a guild. Tue Aug 28 2007 1:54PM
  • Mjk007 writes: I guess no one learned anything from shadowbane. Zerg Vs Zerg is no fun. You'll end up with one guild ruling all the important points on the server and getting exponentially stronger while everyone else loses any edge they might have hoped for, until the game becomes almost unplayable. All high end content for MMOs is(should be) basically geared towards pvp (how many times can you raid the same stupid dungeon before you get sick and tired of it, and developers just cant keep up with the way some people level) so when you get into a situation where the top guild(s) on the server outnumber everyone else by double++ then the high end content is rendered useless. Developers should begin to focus on meaningful skill based combat rather then meaningless "i have more people then you", easy-button garbage pvp situations like this. Dont get me wrong, siege pvp is some of the most fun pvp experiences i've had but when you get in a situation where you NEED 100+ people to defend wtf is the point anymore. Tue Aug 28 2007 1:18AM
  • Sovren1 writes: As far as the game being "DONE" part,'s an MMO. I think any fan of this genre would understand that the game is never Done and is ongoing. I'm sure that many want their content to be polished instead of having a lack luster launch. Remember, This game has had a cult following since 2003 when it was first rumored to be coming to life. It's not your company, they can release the game when they want. Also, as for guy talking crap about accents, DO YOU LIVE IN A BARN? Mon Aug 27 2007 11:15AM
  • PillBox writes: It does not load for me ... Mon Aug 27 2007 6:56AM
  • Gyulkus writes: Age of Conan pwns!!! Mon Aug 27 2007 3:26AM
  • FarsIayer writes: Hours and hours of running through a dungeon just so (as a healer) i have to sit back and spam heals? no thank you had enough of that with WoW Mon Aug 27 2007 12:12AM
  • shmig writes: I wish more of you watched the whole thing... I found the last 3-4 minutes most discouraging, the siege/pvp was promising, their accents were not a problem (especially since I think this took place in Germany). And I agree, I am concerned they've got way too far to go for a game that at one point was supposed to be released already. Sun Aug 26 2007 5:46PM
  • Tibu writes: Giskard you're a damn idiot. How about First: Learn to write properly in you native language and Second: STFU until such time. How many languages can YOU speak? I rest my case. Sun Aug 26 2007 4:51PM
  • chryses writes: This makes me more interested in AoC. I really like the idea that you can have some pretty large clan combat. Better still being a mercenary gives you so much action if you want it. On another note. Before making comments on their accents just remember most Europeans speak 2-4 languages. I would like to know if you can speak more than high school English. Sun Aug 26 2007 4:37PM
  • xmoleculex writes: You guys whining about "goofy" accents or "clear" English sound like spoiled little American asses. Not everybody wants to bend over backwards to make your posh little lives that much easier. Grow up and get some bloody culture. I didn't have any trouble understanding them... and English is my only language. Sun Aug 26 2007 12:42PM
  • ohrvall writes: okay, all you yanks, try to speak norwegian and dont have an american accent...yea though so, they are showing off the game be glad you even get to see vids of it Sun Aug 26 2007 12:21PM
  • ChrowX writes: It sounded like an interesting game and I hate to be this guy... But I couldn't watch this video all the way through. They keep talking about what you can do, and the only guy talking has a thick goofy accent and pauses a lot while giving pointless examples such as "It's like Mortal Combat or Tekken" as the character stops and stares at a wall. Sun Aug 26 2007 12:12PM
  • giskard73 writes: 1) Don't make your spokeman UHHHHHH someone who can't speak clear English to ab English speaking audience. 2) Give the press a real video, not a second hand video of a monitor of a character in a dark cave. Poorly organized UUUUUHHHHHHHHH UUUHHHH I was looking forward to this but the crap graphics and poor presentation makes me wonder where else quality suffers on this. Sun Aug 26 2007 10:15AM
  • LouiseK writes: I think its beginning to look promising, definately one to check out! I was a little worried by stuff i've seen so far. There certainly seems to be some thought going into it... just please please please don't release it half-cooked ! Sun Aug 26 2007 9:10AM
  • Downsy writes: Does anyone else think this is the saddest comment ever? : Great, another giant time sink. Conan and LotRo are my two childhood franchises. My work and professional life are fucked. Sun Aug 26 2007 8:33AM
  • Phoenixs writes: Isn't anyone worried about how little of the game seems finished? The game was supposed to be released this October, now it's pushed back. But I would expect them to have most things done by this stage, even if they aren't going to release in October anymore. It seems like more and more of the game is still in a "theory" state and not in actual code. The game should be "done" soon, and the should spend the next months for bug fixes and tweaks, not actually coding the features of the game. Besides that it looks quite good. Combat still looks bad, but with tweaks and fixes it can be better. Sieges can be great. I just hope it doesn't turn out as another partly finished mmo. I kinda get the feeling Funcom is attempting to much for themself... Sun Aug 26 2007 4:52AM
  • Alienovrlord writes: The Mercenary option sounds like an interesting way to involve solo players in the guild PvP combat. I feel sorry for the guild who has to watch their buildings get burned down lol I'm curious to see how this mechanic works out when the game is released. I need to find reviews from people who got to play the smaller PvP during the convention. Sun Aug 26 2007 3:40AM
  • Hives writes: WoW a Warhammer clone? Warhammer hasn't been released.. Anyways, The no decay and the respawn in pvp doesn't sound good but it should be work for the casual gamer. I do not see any new mmo's coming out with any great pvp and the only two I consider real pvp is Lineage 2 and UO. Sun Aug 26 2007 1:42AM
  • savalar writes: Anyone know where I can get the poster that is reflected in the Television? Must have that poster! For that matter any merchandise from this game. Sat Aug 25 2007 10:30PM
  • woalCE writes: Great, another giant time sink. Conan and LotRo are my two childhood franchises. My work and professional life are fucked. Sat Aug 25 2007 6:07PM
  • Jetrpg writes: It looks ok, i hope that the combat revamp will make it more attractive to me. Sat Aug 25 2007 5:19PM
  • johnnychangs writes: Doesn't really matter who started first Warhammer or Warcraft. The games visually look too similar in my opinion. WAR just has RVR and some other bells and whistles. If Funcom can pull this off, watch out for AoC. The developers have stated numerous times that "its a game for adults". I'd rather be playing with mature players than a game full of kids and cartoony graphics. Sat Aug 25 2007 5:00PM
  • Flummoxed writes: Mercs for hire sounds great. It formalizes a different WAY to play a mmog - if you prefer to mostly solo but still want to occasionally see some mass-scale action you can be a merc. Other games allow this informally (get a /tell, group, and join the fight) but this apparently gives rewards and prestige advancement for that TYPE of play and "career" path. You can actually play as a Merc, not just pretend to be one. I also like the fact that there's small siege sizes like Resource camps (mining camps, etc). VERY fun for group-sized tactical battles, racing around defending the Sawmill or Refinery from marauders. mmm blood money. Sat Aug 25 2007 4:54PM
  • Jeehao writes: Age of conan looks interesting but this interwiev didnt make me want the game since it just looks like a big bug right now, Sat Aug 25 2007 4:28PM
  • Jeehao writes: Reborn666, dont call WAR a wow clone. take a look at the boardgame warhammer.. they started befor blizzard and they already had all classes that wow made for their game. WAR looks alot better than WoW and they are a year from launch or somethin Sat Aug 25 2007 4:27PM
  • Koolaider writes: BEEEWBS! Sat Aug 25 2007 3:16PM
  • gertillex writes: thejudge1 sorry it will be one. :) This game is in beta and they said they were running 200 npc/players on 2 two computers. They Also had major problems with the internet connections at leipzig. This game is going to rock WAR and Darkfall is never going to come out anyway. AoC FTW! Sat Aug 25 2007 12:59PM
  • connr513 writes: Looks good ill admit. but reborn666 in all honesty, World of Warcraft is a clone of WARHAMMER. Dunno if you knew about the facts. You know what? scratch that. Wow is not even close to WAR in terms of design, concept, content(lol wow had none imo ^_^), and RVR(FTW). Beta WAR > WoW and all its expansions. Thank you dual monitors though, i will enjoy playing AoC as well now. Was a bit worried about the game , still am, but it seems interesting and new. Still, War is ahead for me. Sat Aug 25 2007 12:51PM
  • reborn666 writes: One word. BETA The game is almost a year away from being release. Also if you wanna talk about original or dull. Warhammer looks like a wow clone and alot of the mobs and bosses are trolls, orcs, etc. Sat Aug 25 2007 12:40PM
  • thejudge1 writes: Wow, i'm so happy i've seen this movie. I'm not worrying now if this game is going to be a competitor for WAR and Darkfall. This game sucks :D Sat Aug 25 2007 12:08PM
  • MarkFinn writes: They say several times that they are cheating to help get through the levels. Obviously, this is God-Mode. I wouldn't worry about collision protection overmuch. Sat Aug 25 2007 12:07PM
  • Kethrym writes: Zuxif(posted Sat Aug 25 2007) To all of you talking talking about collision detection, it has been said in the AoC forums by devs that they will have collision detection, it just isn't finished yet. Yeah that sounds vaguely familiar. If only every game that promised something could only get it "finished". :) Sat Aug 25 2007 11:55AM
  • Zuxif writes: To all of you talking about collision detection, it has been said in the AoC forums by devs that they will have collision detection, it just isn't finished yet. Sat Aug 25 2007 11:48AM
  • Amorphism writes: nice quality, but it could've been much better if it wasn't viewed from a freaking tv screen. Sat Aug 25 2007 11:35AM
  • Kethrym writes: In response to TedDanson: I don't believe I missed that. The whole idea behind pvp formations kinda gets shot to hell without collision doesn't it? Good catch. Sat Aug 25 2007 10:52AM
  • TedDanson writes: The graphics look really sharp on this, but I noticed there is no collision detection between characters. I like the idea of not being able to magically run through people, and collision detection adds a strategic element to PVP too. Like, all tanks in a line with the casters/archers behind them dishing out the damage....stuff like that. Sat Aug 25 2007 10:31AM
  • Roin writes: WoW they used 2 machines to simulate a 200 person pvp battle? Sat Aug 25 2007 10:28AM
  • Airspell writes: Did that guy just say Conan > Superman :P Sat Aug 25 2007 10:17AM
  • Kethrym writes: Love the lag of the battle. That should make for alot of fun :) When comparing WaR and AoC it seems that the only real choice is the setting you want to play in. Both games seem to have quite a few things in common. I just hope that this "fast paced combat" I kept hearing about in both games shows up upon release. The beta videos of War and AoC both have very lack-luster combat animations. One final note. Could AoC stop using "boobs" as a selling point? Sat Aug 25 2007 10:15AM
  • ormstunga writes: is that a succubus I see near the end? really original =) looks abit dull tbh, good thing they pushed it... and also all the bosses I've seen so far look really really dull. I mean a gigant man demon? A huge gollum? cmon ffs Sat Aug 25 2007 9:07AM
  • OrigigiNomad writes: oh come on mate, don't tell me you've had enough of Paul Barnett? He was fun at the beginning but I (and I know some other people who feel the same way) who are fed up with him and his lame jokes... And now he's got that other guy Jeff Hickman to join him in his stupid play. It's a classic, an American company hires a ridiculous English bloke... I don't know, seems to me like something from a movie. Sat Aug 25 2007 8:11AM
  • ziphiaz writes: sry, but if they would have a guy like War's podcast guy, atleast i would be alot more intrested :(. btw is this BRD? Sat Aug 25 2007 7:04AM

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