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Gates of Andaron Overview

Gates of Andaron is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Zemi Interactive and Gameforge. The game is set in the land of Iberia, against the backdrop of two warring factions. The agricultural, militaristic Valorians and the magical, scientific Derion people were once allies, but now sworn enemies. Players can create characters of one of three races --Humans, Felines, and Fairies-- and six classes, then join either the Valorian or Derion side. The game features storyline quests, fighting mobs, and traditional elements like crafting. Crafting enables otherwise unattainable gear, as well as customization options, and the ability to apply bonuses to weapons, potions, and more. Gates of Andaron also features a co-op mode, where two players can team up and gain boosts to experience and energy.

In addition, the game has a strong PvP focus. PvP modes include Realm vs. Realm, and conflicts in which you can command your army in up to 49-person realtime battles. These battles can be overseen easily and you can give orders via a command module, called the RSCS (Real-time Strategic Command System). Through PvP victories, players can earn points toward exclusive special equipment.

Gates of Andaron is free to download and play, and optional upgrades are available via the item shop.


  • 6 Classes to Choose From | Choose from the Evocator, Archer, Warrior, Magician, Priest, and Night Walker classes.
  • Several PvP Modes | Engage in a variety of PvP modes, including Duels, Open PvP, daily Area Conquests, weekly Castle Conquests, Mission Maps, Monthly Tournaments, and 3v3 and 7v7 Arenas.
  • Mission Maps | Participate in Mission Maps to defeat the opposing faction's commander and gain special bonuses for your own faction.