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PlayTechtonics Inc.
Starport: Galactic Empires
Starport: Galactic Empires is a free-to-play, 2D sci-fi MMORPG from PlayTechtonics that is part space sim, part RPG adventure. The game allows players to captain and upgrade their own spaceships, work their way up in the game world, and decide to become righteous explorers or villainous pirates. Players can explore space, colonize alien worlds, engage in tactical combat against other players, and cooperate to advance together.
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Stash: No Loot Left Behind
Stash is bringing the magic back to MMORPGs. Stash is more than just a game: it is a virtual community where your actions shape the world! Explore and immerse yourself in the massive realm of Primordiax. Enjoy turn based combat that rewards good strategy with tons of loot. Design, develop, and decorate a Base of Operations where you are liege lord and master. Turn-based combat | All the action takes place on a tactical grid. <strong
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State of Decay
State of Decay is an open-world, zombie-themed survival RPG from Undead Labs, a studio led by Jeff Strain formerly of Blizzard and ArenaNet. The game puts players into a world where their decisions will matter, resources are limited, and there are hordes of hungry zombies on the loose in a world where the laws of civilization no longer apply. In order to survive and thrive, players will engage in tasks such as supply raids and negotiating with other survivors for things such as
Action MMO
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StoneAge World
Embark on an adventure in StoneAge World!Immerse yourself in a prehistoric world brimming with dinosaur pets! Gear up to capture rare prehistoric pets and head to Tectonika to stop the rise of the Machine Life! Experience a new open-world MMORPG.Gear up and capture rare prehistoric pets in the vast open world of Tectonika!In addition to collecting pets in the field, you can acquire other pets by hatching eggs. Dress up in your favorite costu
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Storm Riders
The Storm Riders is set in the ancient Far East, a land when magic melded with the arts of war. Its storyline is based on ancient legend. As children, Wind and Cloud were taken into the Alliance Under Heaven, a battle clan ruled by the ruthless lord and conqueror Shong. Shong is told a prophesy: the two young warriors will bring glory to the alliance or destroy Lord Shong himself. Deciding to tempt his fate, the villain kills the boys’ parents so that he may train the future
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Stormfall: Age of War
Stormfall is a time-based MMORTS similar to Travian, complete with customizable armies, buildings, quests, and RPG elements. The story poses the lands of Darkshine in turmoil, as rival Lords battle over the remnants of the once-great Empire of Stormfall. The commoners cry out for a hero – one who will unite the empire and deliver them from the rising tide of an ancient evil. You must fortify and defend your castle both from enemy NPCs and other players, raise your troops,
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Stormthrone is an expansive, full-featured free-to-play browser MMORPG set in a vibrant fantasy world. Published by R2Games in cooperation with developer Mokylin, Stormthrone immerses players in a world under siege, challenging them to create heroes from three races and six battle-ready classes. Players will extend their abilities by mastering a growing roster of Aeon Weapons, divine artifacts with hidden powers of their own. Stormthrone has something for everyone – single-pl
Firefly Studios
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Stronghold Kingdoms
Stronghold Kingdoms is a medieval-influenced free-to-play MMORTS developed and published by Firefly Studios. Hailing from Firefly’s Stronghold series of popular games, SK sets players up as designer and builder of their own castle lord, responsible for a variety of items necessary to develop a thriving empire, including architectural, economic, military, agricultural, mercantile, industrial and political elements. SK also makes it very important to be social and cooperative with
Focus Home Interactive
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Styx - Master of Shadows
Styx: Master of Shadows is a stealth RPG infiltration game from Cyanide Studio. The protagonist of the game is Styx, the goblin assassin from 2012's Of Orcs and Men. This is a prequel to that game, and follows Styx as he tries to climb the Tower of Akenash. But this must be done with the utmost care. Missions that take you up the tower might end in plunder and murder, but there must be no trace of what you've done. The vertically-inclined game will see Styx go from level to lev
Bandai Namco
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Supernova brings innovation to multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) through its exciting sci-fi universe. The human race has ventured forth into the cosmos to find a universe in peril. Ancient and mysterious portals have brought humanity face to face with vast, unrelenting alien legions, set to wage war across the galaxy. In this time of universal chaos, human and alien races alike must rely on their most skilled commanders to lead their forces in the fight for galactic do
Bytro Labs
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Supremacy 1914
Supremacy 1914 is a free-to-play, browser-based military MMORTS from Bytro Labs that places players as leaders of World War 1 era nations. Gather resources and establish economies in your nation's provinces, build civilian and military factories, enable diplomatic treaties with other countries, and protect and expand your empire as far as you can.
Vostok Games
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Survarium is a free-to-play online First Person Shooter set on Earth in the near future after the global natural disaster completely ravaged the planet! Fight for survival in the new world!The opposing players, deadly anomalies and traps will never stop you on the way to victory, right? Then start playing now for free! Join the Survarium Open Beta to experience intense team-based PvP action! FEATURES
Bandai Namco
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Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles
Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles is an updated, high definition remastered version that combines two previous games in the RPG series. Tales of Symphonia for the PlayStation 2 and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, originally released for Nintendo Wii, come together with new features such as artwork and new costumes. There are also new bosses and items to collect. Both games feature cel-shaded artwork evoking anime/manga style graphics. Players will have the chance to go
Miracle Castle
Talisman Online
Talisman Online, from Chinese developer Miracle Castle, is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG inspired by ancient myth. The story concerns an evil force, Master Blood, who was sealed away many years ago and may have reemerged. Players can choose one of five classes, each of whom can equip powerful talismans with which to fight with. The game has several traditional features such as leveling, quests, and mounts, and players can buy upgrades or Talisman Points (also
PopPace Entmt. Inc
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Tamer Saga
Tamer Saga is an upcoming free-to-play browser-based fantasy MMORPG currently being developed by PopPace. Set in medieval Europe, players may choose from 4 classes: Mage, Priest, Ranger, and Warrior. Players may recruit various monsters and even defeated bosses to join their company. The game will support PvE and PvP, where players gain ranks and rewards. More info as it’s released!