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MMORPG.COM Game/On Podcast Radio Show!

Game/On Podcast Radio Show

Game On #96 | Interview: Neal Acree, the Composer Behind Rend, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and More Game On 95 | Interview: Steven Sharif on Ashes of Creation and the MMO Industry at Large Game On 94.5 | Interview: Holly Stanford on Creating "V for Valhalla" Game On #93 | Onward to Morrowind! Game On #92.5 | Special: Visionary Realms Talks Pantheon, and Breaking into the Industry Game On #92 | The Best MMO of 2016, According to You, Was... Game On #91 | Best of 2016 & What We're Excited For in 2017 Game On #90 | Diving into RIFT's Starfall Prophecy Game On #89 | Blizzcon 2016: Opening Day Special Edition Game On #88 | Is F2P to Blame for the Problems in the Industry? Game On #87 | Is No Man's Sky a Disappointment? Game On #85 | E3 2016 in RPGs and MMOs Game On #84 | Overwatched Game On #83 | Overwatch and WoW: Legion - Beta Madness! Game On #81 | Are AAA MMORPGs Over? Game On #80 | Black Desert Online, Invisible Gear, and Cash Shops Game On #79 | Inon Zur, Composer of Fallout 4, Dragon Age, and So Much More Game On #78 | RIFT's Future, Amazon Game Studios, and More Game On #77 | Blade and Queue Game On # 76 | Is 2016 Actually the Year of Virtual Reality? Game On #75 | The Best and Worst Of 2015 Game On #74 | Is Buy to Play the New Free to Play? Game On #73 | Interview: Motiga Dishes On All Things Gigantic Game On #71 | Do EverQuest 2's Prison Servers Go Too Far? Game On #70 | Camelot Unchained's Beta Delay; a New WoW Expansion? Game On #69 | Interview: Derek Smart Speaks Out on Star Citizen Game On #68 | Everything E3; Trion Has a New Game! Game On #66 | WoW Subscriptions Plummet, Shroud of the Avatar Deep Dive Game On #65 | Paid Mods on Steam: Good or Bad? Game On #63 | Crowfall or Camelot: Unchained? Game On #62 | The State of MMOs in 2015 Game On #61 | SOE Becomes Daybreak, GW2 Expansion Details Game On #60 | WoW Expansion Rumors, Wildstar PVP Improvements, and More Game On #59 | Guild Wars 2 Expansion, H1Z1 Launches Alpha Game On #57 | The Highs and Lows of Warlords of Draenor's Launch Game On #56 | Good News for WoW; Bad News for LotRO Game On #55 | Blizzard's Titan has Fallen Game On #54 | Should You Buy Destiny? Game On #53 | PAX Prime News and an Interview with Jeremy Soule Game On #51 | Destiny Beta, Neverwinter on Consoles, WildStar Content Drop Game On #50 | Interview with Trion's FireCait and Scapes about ArcheAge Game On #49 | Do Raiders Really Matter? Game On #48 | The Rift Team Talks Nightmare Tide Game On #47 | Interview with David Brevik on Marvel Heroes 2015 Game On #46 | Interview with Jeremy Gaffney of Carbine Studios Game On #45 | Wildstar has LAUNCHED! Game On #44 | WildStar Name Reservations and Launch Preparations Game On #43 |Andrea Doyon, Chief Innovation Officer for The Black Watchmen ARG Game On #42 | Interview: Paul Sage, Creative Director of ESO Game On #41 | Delving Dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online

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