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MMORPG.COM Game/On Podcast Radio Show!

Game/On Podcast Radio Show

This Week

Game On - S2E17 - The Elder Scrolls Online Interview Extravaganza with Zenimax Online Studios: Zenimax Online Studios recently opened its doors for The Elder Scrolls Online previews, and our own Garrett Fuller was on site to talk with Game Director Matt Firor, Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle, Creative Director Paul Sage, and Lead PvP Designer Brian Wheeler. It's a wallop of an episode, and it's all about TSO!

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Rimmersman writes: Whe he mentions a premium service could that be a hint at a sub based MMO, man i hope so. Sat Oct 27 2012 9:36AM Report
muffins89 writes: Cyrodill excites me!!!  Sat Oct 27 2012 10:35AM Report
Lorgarn writes: This project is definitely a very interesting project. I'm keeping my eyes on this one, that's for sure. Sat Oct 27 2012 12:42PM Report
War_Admiral writes: WOW end game stuff planned pre-launch...who would of thought that was a good concept(will believe it when I see it).  Keeping my eyes and ears on this one. Sat Oct 27 2012 2:39PM Report
entityx writes: Video doesn't work on an iPad...sound yes, but no vid Sat Oct 27 2012 5:34PM Report
Vampero writes: NO COOL DOWNS !!! wat to go DEV's !!!! Sat Oct 27 2012 5:53PM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Entityx - It's just an audio podcast.  :) Sat Oct 27 2012 6:17PM Report
Fuggly writes: plz for the love of god be a sub based game. Would be nice to limit the imature little asshats that infest the F2P games. Sat Oct 27 2012 7:13PM Report
entityx writes: @BillMurphy: Oh, hahaha! :D Sun Oct 28 2012 3:12AM Report
Dominisi writes:

Very informative. Finally it seems like a development firm is tied more to preserving the gameplay that makes the IP great rather than trying to appease the cash cows (*cough* EA) in order to keep investors happy.

I hope this marks a turn in MMO development because something tells me that MMOs would be more successful if they stuck to trying to be kings of their niches instead of trying to rule everything.

Sun Oct 28 2012 11:02AM Report
Tasarak writes: I like Nicks idea about combat with a preventative chain stunning  measure.  Works great for single vs single & group play.  Every player with stamina will have the ability to break cc/stun & have 5sec immunity.  Sun Oct 28 2012 10:38PM Report
Wizardry writes:

We NEED video,this aged old radio type podcasts are old school and imo sort fo boring.When i am extremely bored i might sit throuhgh and listen to them,but i much prefer visuals with examples and ideas to showoff what the yare talking about.

it is sort of like being in school,the book reading is nothing when compared to the hands on inside the shop class.

Mon Oct 29 2012 6:45AM Report
sleepr27 writes: What we need is some gameplay walkthrough or something like that. Hopefuly before the end of the year or maybe early 2013. Mon Oct 29 2012 2:23PM Report
Boldgrim writes: I am really looking forward to that game. Sun Nov 04 2012 9:19AM Report
Grakulen writes: @Wizardry with audio pod casts you can do things like drive to work or mow the lawn or anything else that requires you to look at while you listen tobthe podcast. Mon Nov 05 2012 11:39AM Report
Searias writes: I am fed up with f2p games. Plz be a sub based game. Mon Nov 12 2012 9:05PM Report
Vunak23 writes:

Hopefully it will sub based, to keep the population a little more mature and combat botters/hackers/RMT better. 

When I first heard ESO was being made and the things they were saying about it I was very skeptical (still am, just not as much). Now I have a lot of hope. 

I think they would have gotten a way better reception if they would have released ESO before they released Skyrim. I know why they went the way they did. To hype people that loved Skyrim for ESO, but I think it bit them in the ass since Skryim was just so good. 

Wed Nov 14 2012 4:10PM Report
emikochan writes: wow this actually makes me interested. some bold mechanics :) Wed Jan 16 2013 1:34PM Report writes:
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