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Instant Freeplay: Gameglobe #3 (Map Building Tool)

In this week's Instant Freeplay, Pokket checks out GameGlobe and its terrain editor. See what she's got to say!

Instant Freeplay: Gameglobe #2 (User Generated Maps)

Our own Pokket takes us on a tour of Gameglobe for the second time. This time out, we look into user generated maps.

Instant Freeplay: Gameglobe (Part 1)

In the latest Instant Freeplay, our own Pokket takes a look at Gameglobe. This is the first in a series of videos to show off this great free-to-play title.

E3 2012 - Interview with Pokket

We stopped by Square-Enix's booth to chat about their upcoming browser-based Gameglobe. Gameglobe bears more than a passing resemblance to Little Big Planet, and that's not a bad thing!