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Dev Notes on Spell Effects

Posted by Craig McGregor on Sep 22, 2004  | Comments

Dev Notes on Spell Effects -

The developers of FreeWorld have released their development notes on spell effects in the game.  These will take effect in the text update:

  1. Bind/freeze spells: spells that stop player and monster movements for a set amount of time.
  2. Healing spells: I would love to see three types of this spell...self heal, heal others and group heals.
  3. Nuke spells: all your basic projectile spells like fire ball, lightning and such
  4. Buffs: spells that add stats to self and others.
  5. De-buffs: spells that remove stats from self and others.
  6. Area of effect (AOE): would like to see two different types of this kind of spell as well--one that will affect players/monsters in a radius of a player?s position and one that affects players/monsters in an area around a projectile spell impact.
  7. Summon monsters: this speaks for itself.
  8. Charm spells: spells that have a chance of taking control of a target monster.
  9. Teleports: would like to see a few types of this as well. At lower levels you would get simple teleports like "recall respawn" and "recall planet/town (name here);" then at later levels have teleport that can recall a set position.
  10. Protections: spells that would raise a player/monster?s attribute against a certain effect.
  11. Anti-attribute: spells that would lower a player/monster?s effect against a certain attribute.
  12. Drains: spells that don't just damage a monster/player but also add a % of the HP you do in damage to your own HP
  13. Reflect damage: spells that would deflect the damage from a monster/player and return a % of the damage to the monster/player dealing the damage.
  14. Morph spells: spells that would turn a target monster/player into a different monster type. This would include yourself.
  15. Invisibility: spells that make self or other player(s) unseen to monsters/players.
  16. Shields/shells: spells that put up magic shields around players. The need for this would be protection beyond the def. and attributes of a player. shields/shells would have there own HP and a player would not be effect by damage tell the shield/shell was destroyed. shields/shells should also have attributes (i.e. fire shell, more def. VS ice)
  17. Poison/lasting effect spells: these are spells that do small amounts of damage over time (i.e. delivers 5 hp of damage per second, until effect ends).
  18. Direct damage spell: these are spells that cause damage to a target without the need for a projectile. Selected player or monster would take damage without the need of hitting them with anything.
  19. Wall spells: this would be mostly for PvP...but include spells like "wall of thorns," "wall of fire," "wall of stone" and so on.
  20. Fear spells: spells that will make players/monsters run away with no control over them for a set time.
  21. Repair spells: spells that will repair weapons/Armour.
  22. Levitate/fly: spells that defy the laws of gravity, enabling the caster or other players to move above the ground.
  23. Damage barrier: like a shield spell this goes around your body but, instead of defending you. it causes damage to players/monsters that pass though it to attack you.
  24. Weather spells: spells that will affect the weather of a map you are on (would be cool for PvP).
  25. Skill spells: spells that would raise your skill for a amount of time or even lower them for combat in PvP battles.
  26. Player information spells: I think instead of having a /who is command in game there should be different spells to find out information about a player. This spell should not tell you all the information in one shot. There should be things like "know level," "know HP," etc.
  27. Special event spells: these spells have no real effect on anything. They are made to create a visual effect. For example, there could be a spell that sends butterflies flying around or spells that make fireworks. Mostly these spells would be for fun and they should all be quest spells.
  28. Light spells: spells that make different levels of light around a player like a torch (but better).
  29. Anti-Magic: would be nice to be able to cast an anti-magic spell on yourself or other players...I figure they can work one of two ways or both...1) block a certain number of spells until they are destroyed; 2) last for a set amount of time.
  30. RESURRECTION!!!!! When someone dies you should be able to see their body on the ground and be able to select them for resurrection, as long as they do not hit the button to go back to the respawn. When a player is dead they should not be able to chat in open chat. If you are resurrected, you will only lose half the XP you would lose if you fully died and you would not lose items. Also when resurrected, I think your mana, special attack and stamina should be zero and have to regain full status.