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Freaky Space Expansion Interview

By Jon Wood on May 06, 2009 | Interviews | 0

Yesterday, the team at Abandon Interactive announced that they plan to add a pretty significant expansion to their toy-based MMORPG Freaky Creatures. The addition, titled Freaky Space, will allow players to leave the planet in spaceships to discover "an all-new, unexplored space."

The most significant addition that Freaky Space will bring to the game is the inclusion of a new Player vs Environment system that expands the game beyond its current PvP fighting game model and into the realm of a full-fledged MMORPG.

"Freaky Space nearly doubles the size of the Freaky Creatures universe introducing all-new player-versus-environment (PvE) gameplay and multiplayer intergalactic battles," says the company's official press release describing the new addition to the game. "Players can join one of four alien races and numerous factions as they journey to the edges of the Freaky Creatures universe. As players enter Freaky Space, they will encounter dozens of characters and become part of all-new storylines. Along the way, players become more powerful as they level up their spaceships and improve their battle skills. While exploring new realms and learning more about the dangers lurking in space, players will face off against the galaxy's deadliest challenges. Just as space is limitless, so are the possibilities in the Freaky Creatures universe.

MMORPG.com was able to speak with the team from Abandon to answer a few more questions about the expansion than the press release alone could provide:


What led to the decision to add Player vs. Environment gameplay into what was essentially a PvP game previously?

Abandon Interactive:

PVE gameplay has been in the works for sometime, however we really wanted to get creature battling (PVP) out to our audience first. PVE was a planned expansion to the universe. We wanted players to experience more of the Freaky Creatures universe and PVE allows them to do that.

There are a lot of threads in the Freaky Creatures universe that go beyond players battling with one another. If we had gone with a non PVE environment, then we wouldn't have been able to explore those kinds of elements. More importantly, it ended up being fun and allowing us to greatly extend the story side of the universe.


Can you tell us how this PvE gameplay is going to work? Will it be similar to other MMOs?

Abandon Interactive:

Yes and No, gameplay is quite a bit different than standard MMOs; the combat is a lot more arcade-like. We wanted to emphasize action, which is a great addition to the strategic battles found in Freaky Creatures. In Freaky Space, players can aim their weapons and dodge shots. However, similar to other MMOs, players will have the opportunity to receive a variety of missions from NPCs in the game.


Your press release mentions "multiplayer intergalactic battles". Can you give us some detail about those?

Abandon Interactive:

Though a lot of Freaky Space is PVE, we've kept a PVP element as well. Players will be able to engage in battles with enemy players. Each scenario has specific goals. There will even be some places where players can PVE and PVP simultaneously. The PVP scenarios reward team play, which is also a big part of Freaky Space.

Second Life Screenshot


Are the space ships that will come in with the expansion something that you plan to build new toys around?

Abandon Interactive:

We've designed the spaceships with toys in mind but will not be selling them at launch.


Your press release mentions that the "Community Beta" will start this summer. Will this beta take place on a different server, or will it simply be fully integrated into the game at that time?

Abandon Interactive:

The Freaky Space beta will be integrated into the game. All premium accounts immediately receive access by clicking on the Freaky Space launcher, which will load directly into the Freaky Space Beta.


Will this be a paid or a free expansion?

Abandon Interactive:

The expansion will be a free download for Freaky Creatures players. We will likely create several different subscription pricing plans so that players can play what they want without having to pay for the parts they don't want. The most important thing for us is to continue to bring innovative and fun play styles to our audience, whether they are a hard core or casual gamer. It is all about having fun.


Jon Wood