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Fragmented Articles

After 30 Early Access Patches, Game Enters Released State

Fragmented has officially left Early Access after the deployment of over thirty patches. It is now considered in its "released state", though the work will continue. In a new post on the Fragmented Steam page, J.C. Smith recounts the most notable changes to the game during Early Access including batch crafting, modular housing, public quests, gamepad support, rebalanced leveling and progression and much, much more.

Improving the Single-Player Experience with Latest Patch

The latest update has been deployed to Fragmented that beings big changes to the single player experience alongside game pad support, vehicle improvements, changes to the user interface and much more.

New Patch Brings Overhauled Progression System Online

The latest update to Fragmented is a big one that brings the completely overhauled progression system online. Players now have fifteen skill ranks across seventy-five levels to choose from plus additional opportunities to gain skill points. NPC and item progression have been improved as well alongside changes to construction and significant changes to the genetic engineering system.

Achievements, Housing Updates Anchor Latest Patch

The Fragmented site has been updated with the latest patch notes that were deployed late last week. Most notably players can look forward to a series of achievements in several categories as well as housing improvements and visual and graphic updates.

Engine Upgrade And Game Pad Support Added In Latest Patch

Fragmented has been updated with a new patch that upgrades the Unreal engine as well as adds support for game pads, improved crafting and harvesting, interface upgrades and more.

Latest Update Features Improvements to Crafting

Fragmented has been updated with a patch that brings a number of crafting improvements into the game. Players can look forward to the ability to craft items in batches and the addition of "variable quality" crafting tables.

Structure Placement Tweaked in Latest Update

Fragmented has been updated with a patch that address several issues with the placement of structures and improves that placement as well as the UI. In addition, genetic engineering species begin to emerge, vehicles have been improved and a long list of bug fixes and minor features have been addressed.

Server Operator GUI Improved, New Vehicle & Weapon

In the latest update to Fragmented, players can look forward to a new vehicle, a new weapon and a much-improved GUI for server operators. Of particular interest to the latter is that server / game settings can be modified while servers are running. In addition, the game is $4.99 on Steam until 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern.

Bug Fixes Galore Anchor Latest Update

Fragmented has been updated with the latest patch that bring a long list of bug fixes and improvements into the game. Players can expect more intuitive AI, inventory management has been given a pass and vehicles have been improved as well. In addition, players will now be able to move some housing structures.

Latest Patch Includes User Suggested Content

The latest update has been deployed for Fragmented that includes a several pieces of new content based on user suggestions. Props and turrets can now be picked up and moved without being destroyed. In addition, on player death a tombstone-type container will drop that contains items from a player's corpse. That makes it easier to find and loot dropped items.

New Species, Russian Localization & Much More Deployed

A new patch has arrived for the early access version of Fragmented. In this update, players will find the new Jabberbull species, vehicle repairs and Russian localization. In addition, improvements have been made to animations alongside the normal bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Japanese Localization And Asian Servers Added

The latest update has been deployed for Fragmented that includes Japanese localization and Asian servers as well as the ability to search through player-hosted servers, new public engagements and quests and several significant housing improvements.

Huge New Update Deployed

Fragmented has been patched with the largest update since early access began. Localization has started with Spanish and Simplified Chinese with other languages to come in the future. In addition, the guild system has been overhauled and guild leaders will have more control over what buildings will be placed in guild bases.