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    Unreal Engine
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    Above and Beyond Technologies
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    Q3 2017
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Fragmented Overview

Fragmented is a Science Fiction based Survival game. Armed with only your fists, your wits and fragments of knowledge buried deep within a damaged clone’s mind, you must ensure the survival of the human race. Harvest local resources to get started, and hunt wildlife with crafted weapons to provide food and protection from the elements. As you survive you will regain access to knowledge and important skills to aid in your survival. Unlock advanced technologies to build giant structures, advanced weaponry and defenses, tame the wildlife, engineer and grow new living species, build robots and vehicles and use it all to support your allies or crush your enemies.

Fragmented is available in multiple rulesets allowing for PvP focused content, or working together with other players to survive against the environment. Play online or in single player mode. Players will have the option to host their own servers as well and tweak many of the settings to provide an easier experience or a much more harsh experience including hardcore options.


  • Sci Fi Survival | Survival meets science fiction. Robotics, shockguns, personal shields, four passenger vehicles, medical scanners, turrets, genetic engineering, force fields, and more!
  • 8 Unique Skills | Customize your character with 8 different skills: Construction, Subsistence, Survival, Electronics, Melee, Ranged, Refining, and Textiles.
  • Options For All Player Types | You can make a career our of simply harvesting and crafting, or gear up and conquer the local wild life. Plant seeds and harvest for supplies. Build bases or conquer those of your enemies.
  • Create and Conquer | Create advanced bases featuring doors, force fields, storage containers, various forms of crafting stations, turrets, and more. On PvP servers creating bases is only half the fun, the other half is conquering the bases of your enemies.
  • Multiple Rulesets and Player Created Servers | Play in one of six different rule sets, with everything from Casual PvE to Hardcore PvP. Player Created Servers also have access to a wide range of customization options allowing them to tweak progression rates, difficulty, and rules.