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Fractured's Next Test Arrives in June, Will Last One Month

Roadmap also discussed

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Sandbox MMO Fractured is getting another test in June, and this one will last for a full month.

The test is called Alpha 2 - Test 3, is set to start in June. The two most significant additions coming to life are the first iteration of Player Cities and the Talent Tree. Regarding player cities, this test will only showcase the first iteration of the city. Eventually, the continent will contain more than 20 large city plots, and more than 90 small city plots.

If you want, you can apply to be a governor. If enough people support you, that city becomes claimed and you become governor. Also discussed was the talent tree. You can unlock up to 60 talent points to spend on roughly 90 different nodes to customize your character with various bonuses.

Quality of life was also touched on with the team introducing numerous additions such as,

  • The possibility to split item stacks (holding CTRL when releasing a stack);
  • The possibility to craft multiple items instead of 1 at a time;
  • Direct trading between players
  • More

Finally, client and server performance were discussed. It seems like the team was able to run the game at full 1080p with a GTX 970 and achieve 100fps at ultra quality, “in most circumstances.” The team is still working on how the servers address RAM usage.


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