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Fractured Online Articles

Fractured Online Fixes Dupe Exploit and Several Other Issues, Including Some Instability Bugs

Fractured Online got a couple of important patches to help with some issues following the Early Access launch late last week. One of the issues involved a major exploit that was fixed during some sudden downtime earlier today.

Fractured Online Is Now Available On Steam Early Access, Wildfolk Race Released Today

Gamigo and Dynamight's isometric MMORPG, Fractured Online, has now been released on Steam in Early Access, bringing the MMO to a new platform. Before, Fractured Online was only available in its beta form on the Glyph launcher, gamigo's own platform.

Learn About Fractured Online's Wildfolk Before the New Race Arrives in Next Week's Early Access Launch

The Fractured Online team has released a deep dive into what you should know about the Wildfolk and their lush planet of Arboreus before Early Access opens next week.

Fractured Online's Free Weekend is Now Live Through Monday

Ahead of its Early Access launch this month, Fractured Online is opening its doors today through early Monday for a free weekend to try its deep progression systems, weather, crafting, a player-driven economy, and lots more.

Fractured Online 'The Sacrifice' Trailer Released Ahead of Free Weekend

"The Sacrifice", a new live-action trailer for Fractured Online, is out, setting the stage for this weekend's Steam free weekend.

Fractured Online Is Hosting A Free Weekend Starting September 2nd

Gamigo and Dynamight Studios are gearing up for Fractured Online's Early Access launch next month, and will be hosting a free weekend leading up to it at the start of September.

See How Fractured Online Devs Use In-House Tools to Efficiently Create a Continent, Featuring First Peek at Terra

The latest devtalk for Fractured Online is a deep dive into the process, using internal tools to efficiently design a continent and features a little peek at the upcoming Wildfolk continent of Terra.

Fractured Online Dev Talks Return With An In-Depth Look at Updates Since Beta Launch

Dev talks are back for Fractured Online. The latest covers the many updates made since the launch of closed beta, with highlights on balance changes, how cities work, sieges, economic changes, and much more.

Fractured Online's New Seasons Update is Live, Adding Leaderboards and New City Changes

Seasons are now live in Fractured Online, adding leaderboards, PvP ELO scores, the city allegiance system, siege changes, and much more.

Updated Fractured Online Site Adds New info Page on Races, Sub-Races, and Planets

A website refresh for Fractured Online includes some new pages with info on races, sub-races, and planets.

Fractured Online Makes Cities Harder to Conquer After Feedback They Were Too Punishing

After feedback that losing a city was overly punishing, Fractured Online has reworked city conquests to make them harder, but also more layered and less demoralizing.

Fractured Online Unveils Ranked Guild Seasons With Several  Twists

Competitive ranked guild seasons are coming to Fractured Online, with several twists. There are multiple ways to earn points, special loot, and open season on cities for a limited time.

Fractured Online Expands Aehern, Adds New Resources, and Re-Enables City Raids

Fractured Online expands Aehern with the new Dawn Island, along with its new resources. The update also upgrades mage staves and re-enables city raids.

Fractured Online Reworks Poison, Bleed, and Stealth, Adds New Custom Chat Channels, and Trusted Citizen Role

Fractured Online adds new and custom chat options, reworks poison and bleed to be stack-based, adds Trusted Citizen privileges, and makes stealth no longer permanent.

Fractured Online's Free Week Begins Today, With Some Referral Bonuses

Fractured Online's free week has officially begun. If you would like to spend a week checking out the closed beta, you can do that for free through May 31st. For existing players, there are also some referral bonuses.