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Fractured Articles

Dynamight Reveals Stretch Goals as Funding Approaches 80%

The latest update on the Fractured site and KickStarter page provide fans with a look at the stretch goals that will be added to the game if the funding initiative completes successfully. Currently, Fracture's KickStarter is at $95k of the proposed $116.5k goal with just under a week to go.

Dynamight Backpedals on Single Server, Opts Instead for Regional Servers

Dynamight has taken a new position with regard to Fractured servers. Originally, the team planned to host the game on a single server located in North America. After receiving community feedback, the plan is to utilize regional servers as the game grows. In addition, Fractured will be localized into seven languages alongside English: Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Livestream Crafting / Building Q&A Starts at 1:00 pm Pacific / 4:00 pm Today

The Fractured team is going to be unleashing a ton of information about the game this week that marks the final week for the KickStarter initiative. With the campaign already at 76% complete, it's a great time to check out everything the team will be offering up this week. The week kicks off later today with a live Q&A via YouTube that will be centered on crafting and building in Fractured.

Ambitious Development Roadmap Revealed - From Pre: Alpha to Launch

The Fractured site has been updated with a new roadmap that includes the team's plans for taking the game from pre-alpha to launch. The map shows that pre-alpha would take place in October of this year, with a year's worth of alpha testing throughout 2019. 2020 and into 2021 would be devoted to beta testing with full launch targeting a Q3 2021 release. "Yes, it takes time to build an MMO" the accompanying post reads.

Dynamight to Host Livestream Q&A Event On Tuesday, July 3rd

Dynamight developers will be on hand on Tuesday, July 3rd for a special livestream event and Q&A session about Fractured. The event will take place in the Fractured YouTube channel starting at 1:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern with the topic centering on how both travel and survival mechanics work in game.

Site Registrations that Can Net You an Alpha or Beta Key

The Fractured site has been updated to allow fans to register on the site for a chance to later earn either an alpha or beta key. Registration, of course, yields the development newsletter that keeps potential testers and fans aware of the latest news about the forthcoming game. You can share a link with friends that will ultimately net some nifty in-game rewards too.

Races Explored - 3 Types, 3 Different Stories

The Fractured team reached out to us earlier today with news about the first-ever developer blog post on the SpatialOS-based sandbox MMO. According to the first sentences, the team is out to "innovate the MMO genre" and one way to do that is to have races with vastly different experiences in the game. In Fractured, races will matter and be an important aspect of a player's entire experience.