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Fractured Online Articles

Fractured Online Expands Aehern, Adds New Resources, and Re-Enables City Raids

Fractured Online expands Aehern with the new Dawn Island, along with its new resources. The update also upgrades mage staves and re-enables city raids.

Fractured Online Reworks Poison, Bleed, and Stealth, Adds New Custom Chat Channels, and Trusted Citizen Role

Fractured Online adds new and custom chat options, reworks poison and bleed to be stack-based, adds Trusted Citizen privileges, and makes stealth no longer permanent.

Fractured Online's Free Week Begins Today, With Some Referral Bonuses

Fractured Online's free week has officially begun. If you would like to spend a week checking out the closed beta, you can do that for free through May 31st. For existing players, there are also some referral bonuses.

Test Out Fractured Online's Closed Beta During an Upcoming Free Week Open To All

A free week of open access is coming to Fractured Online, starting next week. Test out the closed beta, experience the game's weather and temperature systems, and more of the player-driven sandbox.

Fractured Online Adds Weather System, a Crafting Tax and Fee System, and Makes Harbors Safe Spawn Areas

The weather system is now in Fractured Online after today's update, which also adds a new crafting fee and tax system, along with making harbors safe spawn zones.

Fractured Online's Temperature and Weather Systems Add New Challenges and Strategies

The temperature and weather systems are detailed in a new Fractured Online devblog, and they will add even more layers to your strategy and decisions in the game.

Fractured Online's Audiobook Tease Introduces Difficult Choices and Consequences

Before Fractured Online was confirmed as the mystery release that Gamigo was teasing, they released a series of audiobook-style storytelling clips. Now you can listen to them again with a re-release that you can match up with recent reveals.

Fractured Online Team Shares 2022 Roadmap to Planned Winter Launch

With the closed beta now open and running 24/7, the Fractured Online team is looking ahead and giving a peek at their planned 2022 roadmap, season by season, towards launch.

Explore Dangerous, Varied Terrain as Fractured Online Opens its Closed Beta Today

The closed beta for Fractured Online begins today. Explore the continent of Aehern, with its varied biomes and harsh weather, to a number of dangerous creatures as you test the game's systems.

Fractured Online Closed Beta Begins on April 6th

Closed beta for Fractured Online will begin next week on April 6th. The test announcement also came with a new dev diary series that should get you up to speed on the game.

Fractured Online Reveals a Resource-Packed Continent With Widely Varying Biomes to Tempt You

Aerhen is a new continent revealed for Fractured Online. At only 40 square km, it features widely varied biomes, creatures, and is packed with resources - and challenges.

Fractured Online Glyph Migration Will Happen Next Week, With Changes to Prepare for Closed Beta

Fractured Online will begin the transfer process of user info over to Gamigo's Glyph system, a step that will let the team begin 24/7 closed beta sometime later.

Fractured Online's Competitive Gameplay Mean You'll Have Some Important Decisions to Make

Fractured Online's competitive gameplay is shaped by a series of player choices - everything from race and play style will help determine your alignment, and by that, what's open to you.

Fractured Online's Layered, Player-Driven Towns and Settlements Will Be Open to Your Style

Fractured Online will feature a player-driven town system with layers and various options designed to offer something to all play styles.

Stress the New Engine and Get a Title With Fractured Online's Alpha Weekend

Fractured Online will hold an alpha weekend this weekend, testing a new engine upgrade and some additional changes on the road to the upcoming backers' testing phase.