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Fractured Online Articles

Fractured Online Update Adds Stargates For Interplanetary Travel and a Surprising New Wildfolk Sub-race

Fractured Online's new update, Arrival of the Blessed Guardians, is here, and not only does it introduce a new sub-race for the Wildfolk, but it also adds interplanetary travel. 

Fractured Online Pauses Early Access Sales in Asia Due to Ongoing Latency Issues

Citing latency issues, Fractured Online temporarily pauses new sales in Asia until the team can resolve the issue.

Fractured Online Adds World Events to Terra and Aehern, With Promise of More to Come

With today's update, Fractured Online is adding World events to Terra and Aehern, with groups of enemies to take on and treasure to claim. The update also fixes some frustrating bugs.

Fractured Online Spotlights Crafting With Its Intricate Layers, Why Cities are Vital, and Competition

The latest Fractured Online feature spotlight takes a deep dive into the intricate layers of the game's crafting system. In addition to learning recipes, there are a number of considerations for materials, and even several vital roles of cities and exploration.

 Fractured Online Fixes Some Major Siege Glitches, Makes Some Balance Tweaks and Imrovements

The Fractured Online patch adds small balance changes, some improvements, and fixes some major bugs with sieges, from missing protection to players slipping through closed doors.

Fractured Online Fixes Dupe Exploit and Several Other Issues, Including Some Instability Bugs

Fractured Online got a couple of important patches to help with some issues following the Early Access launch late last week. One of the issues involved a major exploit that was fixed during some sudden downtime earlier today.

Fractured Online Is Now Available On Steam Early Access, Wildfolk Race Released Today

Gamigo and Dynamight's isometric MMORPG, Fractured Online, has now been released on Steam in Early Access, bringing the MMO to a new platform. Before, Fractured Online was only available in its beta form on the Glyph launcher, gamigo's own platform.

Learn About Fractured Online's Wildfolk Before the New Race Arrives in Next Week's Early Access Launch

The Fractured Online team has released a deep dive into what you should know about the Wildfolk and their lush planet of Arboreus before Early Access opens next week.

Fractured Online's Free Weekend is Now Live Through Monday

Ahead of its Early Access launch this month, Fractured Online is opening its doors today through early Monday for a free weekend to try its deep progression systems, weather, crafting, a player-driven economy, and lots more.

Gamescom 2022 Preview: Look To The Stars For The Future Of Fractured Online

It's been some time since Gamigo released their brand-new take on the traditional MMO. Twisting brave new world and a hefty hint of self-focused playstyle, Fractured Online is about to look to a whole new world for its future. Ed takes a look from his Gamescom hands-on.

Fractured Online 'The Sacrifice' Trailer Released Ahead of Free Weekend

"The Sacrifice", a new live-action trailer for Fractured Online, is out, setting the stage for this weekend's Steam free weekend.

Sponsored Shape a dynamic open world when Fractured Online's Early Access launches (SPONSORED)

Fractured Online, a dynamic open world MMORPG from Dynamight Studios and Gamigo, is ready to make its biggest announcement yet: its Early Access release date! Fractured Online will be available via Early Access on Steam on September 15, 2022. (SPONSORED)

Fractured Online Is Hosting A Free Weekend Starting September 2nd

Gamigo and Dynamight Studios are gearing up for Fractured Online's Early Access launch next month, and will be hosting a free weekend leading up to it at the start of September.

See How Fractured Online Devs Use In-House Tools to Efficiently Create a Continent, Featuring First Peek at Terra

The latest devtalk for Fractured Online is a deep dive into the process, using internal tools to efficiently design a continent and features a little peek at the upcoming Wildfolk continent of Terra.

Fractured Online Enters Early Access On September 15th; Server Wipe Coming

Fractured Online is hitting Early Access next month, bringing the upcoming MMO into its next phase of development. With its September 15th launch into Early Access brings with it a server wipe, though, and the devs have also confirmed that there will be another when it officially launches out of Early Access as well.