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Foxhole Review

Indie developer Siege Camp has been working on Foxhole for five years now. With the Inferno 1.0 update, their sandbox MMO military sim has left boot camp (aka Early Access) and headed to the front lines as a full release on Steam. How does it stack up?

Preview: Firing Up Foxhole's Inferno Update With Siege Camp Co-Founder Mark Ng

Mitch takes a look at Foxhole, the recently released MMO by Seige Camp, that pits players into every facet of battlefield logistics in World War 2. We take a look thanks to a preview with co-founder Mark Ng.

Massively Multiplayer Persistent Sandbox War Game Foxhole Goes Live Today

Exiting Early Access for final launch today is Foxhole, a massively multiplayer sandbox war game that lets players control everything about the war and its outcomes.

WW2 MMO Foxhole Is Leaving Early Access, Launching 1.0 On September 28th

World War 2-themed MMO, Foxhole, is launching out of early access later this month, seeing its 1.0 patch hit on September 28th. This logistics-based MMO is bringing with it overhauled logistics, new weapons and transportation systems to support the frontline.

Massively Multiplayer War Sandbox Foxhole Players are 'Striking' for Better Logistics From Developer Siege Camp

Foxhole is a massively multiplayer online war game where hundreds of people work together to affect the outcome of a persistent online war. Some players have organized and are refusing to supply the front line with ammo and resources in protest of logistics and changes to the game.

An Enthralling Massively Multiplayer Persistent War

Have you heard of Foxhole? I’m sure some of you have, but don’t feel bad if the answer is no. Until developer Clapfoot’s PR agency asked us to talk with the studio, we didn’t either. Then we played the game, launching into Early Access today on Steam, and we’re now very big fans. Read on for our hands-on preview of this unique persistent war MMO.