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Fortnite Articles

Fortnite: Endless Growth

Fortnite numbers have continued to go up since the summer. That is coming from a report at Bloomberg the game tops out above the 200 million player mark. As a reference, the population of the United States clocks in around 325 million. These numbers are staggering, but it also heralds a new generation of gamers which are coming into their own. What will that mean for the game world?

Fortnite: For Better or For Worse

The long-standing problem with every game ever made is a little thing called diminishing returns. This issue is especially prevalent in shooters because the players race through the exact same gameplay loop ad nauseam. This is why shooters tend to launch hot and quickly burn through their player base which, in the modern game saturated climate, is more than happy to hop onto the next latest greatest thing.

Fortnite - Haphazard & Hurriedly Beautiful

Another two weeks pass. Another column is due. What should I write about? The crowd-funded news well isn't exactly flowing. The big game release schedule, just in time for Christmas, is looking thick, solid and tight but I don't see any MMORPG's in the mix. I guess that means I have to dip a toe outside the narrow lines that define our niche and talk about the only multiplayer game to retain my attention this long since Darkfall launched. I'm talking about Fortnite, again.

It's About the Story!

Let us begin with a Fortnite health report. Two weeks ago, I sat at my keyboard and told you all I was bringing a giant to its knees by making it so popular it was unpopular. I said if someone as old and niche as I was covering it, then it was on borrowed time. As if my prophecies have ever needed justification, a week after my column dropped Saturday Night Live had a Fortnite skit…There is nothing less cool to teens than a comedy show featuring political humor directed at old people!

Fortnite is Necessary

Some of us become writers because we still believe the pen (or keyboard) is mightier than the sword. Sometimes we need to pull out that sword and put a demon down. This is one of those times. This particular demon makes World of Warcraft look like Town of Kittencare by casting is a shadow over the entire gaming industry and this writer isn't going to let it pass! (The ego!) On this day I, an old, uncool, niche gamer shall write about Fortnite.

Five Things We Want to See Added

Fortnite is out, being devoured by half a million players, Chris Coke loves it, and many of us here at MMORPG.com are playing the not-so-MMO shooter/RPG/tower defense. But technically, EPIC’s calling it Early Access, meaning the game’s not done yet and won’t be until it shifts to Free to Play sometime in 2018. With that in mind, we’re listing off 5 things we’d love to see added to Fortnite before its official launch.