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Infinity War Comes to Battle Royale Tomorrow for Limited Time Mode

Thanos will be making himself known in Fortnite Battle Royal starting on May 8th. The Fortnite Battle Royale Infinity Gauntlet event sends players off to find the Infinity Gauntlet somewhere hidden on the map. The first lucky player to find it becomes Thanos in the game. There's no details yet on when the event ends so it's worth checking out after tomorrow's maintenance and become Thanos!

Viewers Watched 611 MILLION Hours of Fortnite in March Alone

SuperData Research has an amazing statistic to add to Fortnite's growing list of amazing statistics: In March, viewers spent 611 MILLION hours watching the game. Obviously, that doesn't even include the hundreds of millions of hours that were collectively played by those they were watching. Can anything stop Fortnite?!

Fortnite's the Battle Royale Champ in Revenue, MAU & is the Biggest F2P Console Game Ever

Fortnite seems to be heading off to the be "last one standing" in the fight for dominance in the battle royale genre. The game, according to Super Data Research's March findings, has now topped all others including PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in Monthly Active Users (MAU) and in revenue generation across all platforms. In addition, it has the "highest conversion rate of any F2P game and is now the largest F2P console game OF ALL TIME (both in revenue and MAU).

Team Secret Hires 13-Year-Old For Its Professional Ranks

ESPN is reporting that Team Secret, a eSports conglomerate, has brought Kyle 'Mongraal' Jackson on board its newly formed Fortnite pro team. While that's not much news in and of itself, what IS interesting is that Jackson is only 13-years-old. He joins fellow teammates who are 17-, 20- and 21-years old. While at this point there isn't a competitive Fortnite esports program, Team Secret is confident that Epic will be announcing one soon.

Tencent to Bring Fortnite to China Along with PUBG & H1Z1

Tencent is setting its sights bringing the battle royale genre to China in a big, big way. Over the past several months, the gaming megacorporation has announced partnership deals to bring PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and H1Z1 to China. Unsurprisingly given the company's 40% stake in Epic, Tencent has announced that it will also be bringing Fortnite to the Chinese gaming community. Tencent will be investing $15M for the game's esports potential as well.

Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins Smashes Own Concurrent User Record

Fortnite seems to be the unstoppable juggernaut and Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins seems to be the unstoppable force for gathering concurrent viewers. Just last month, Blevins and Drake racked up 600k viewers but over this past weekend, Ninja shattered his own record with 667,000 concurrent users at the peak of his stream during an exhibition at the Luxor Resort & Casino's brand new eSports Arena.

Fortnite Heading to China + Buffalo Bills 2018 Schedule Fortnite Style

It looks like Fortnite is heading to China based on one of Epic's recent Twitter posts. In the accompanying picture, one of the game iconic characters, "Jonesy", has a passport with an entry stamp for China dated April 23rd. It's possible that that's the day that the "Battle Bus" will take off in China.

Today's Update Brings 50v50 V2 + Save the World Gets Cyberpunk Heroes

With maintenance now complete, Fortnite Battle Royale players can dive into the game again to try out 50v50 V2 Limited Time Mode with "double the buses, double the ammo and double the mayhem". In addition, eagle-eyed players may find the new Light Machine gun that features a rapid rate of fire and a 100 round magazine.

Port-A-Fort For When You Just Don't Feel Like Building + Replay System Incoming

Fortnite will be coming out of maintenance later today with the 3.5 update. The patch brings a couple of pretty awesome things to Battle Royale including Replay mode so players can revisit their most epic moments and the new Port-a-Fort for those times when you just can't be bothered to build your own fortress. "Fortify yourself in seconds, all with the flick of a wrist".

Teacher Challenges Students to Get 6,700 Retweets for Fortnite Final Exam

When it comes to challenging the educational system, no one is more creative than students looking for a fun final exam. Students at Tippecanoe High School in Ohio did just that asking for an exam on Fortnite rather than the class's subject, chemistry. Teacher Mike McCray wagered with his students that if they could get 6,700 retweets of an original post to change the exam's subject, he would do just that. Well, guess what? Twitter came through.

Mobile Version Rakes in $15M in Its First Month as iOS-Only Game

According to Sensor Tower, Epic's Fortnite Mobile has earned $15,000,000 in its first month of release for iOS devices. Up until April 2nd, Fortnite Mobile was an invite-only game and, once lifted, revenue spiked from an average daily earning of $620,000 to $1.8M the day the invite requirement was removed.

Battle Royale Gets Vending Machines While Save the World Gets an Easter Egg Launcher

The latest Fortnite update has been deployed for both the Save the World campaign and Battle Royale. Vending Machines can accept spare materials to crank out "three different deals, rarity and items chosen at random". The Easter Egg Launcher, as the name implies, blasts out an "egg-splosive" charge to keep your enemies hopping.

Epic Announces Starter Packs for $5

If you're looking for a spiffy new look, the newly announced Fortnite Starter Pack may be just the thing. This new pack is $5 and is packed with 600 V-Bucks (about $6 worth) and the Rogue Agent Outfit and the Catalyst Back Bling. It is available from the PlayStation Store, the XBox Store or on PC via the in-game shop.

Battle Royale's Blitz Mode Now Available

Fortnite Battle Royale players on all platforms including Apple mobile devices can how check out the newly added "Blitz" mode that brings quick 15-minute battles into the game. The "storm circle" begins shrinking very quickly right from the get-go. Players can find all sorts of gear and high-end weaponry as well as more than double the amount of resources including loot boxes, treasure chests and more. Supply drops occur more frequently too.

Mobile iOS Version Takes #1 App Spot in 13 Countries Around the World

Not only is Fortnite making huge inroads in the PC / console market, but it's racking up some amazing numbers on mobile as well. Currently, Fortnite mobile is only available for iOS devices AND by invitation only. Despite this, Fortnite mobile stormed the App Store and in under 12 hours took the #1 app spot -- not just the #1 game -- in 13 countries around the world and in the top five in another dozen countries.