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All PvE Update Posted to Official Site - Big Things Coming to Save the World

For those Fortnite players who have been sadly bemoaning that the PvE campaign has been getting ignored in favor of Battle Royale mode, we have good news today: New things are coming, not the least of which is the Canny Valley campaign. It takes place in a brand new biome and the campaign will set out to answer many of the burning story questions players have had.

John Smedley on Sony's Cross-Play Blocks - 'The Stated Reason was Money'

John Smedley has come out about what he believes is the bottom line on why the Fortnite cross play issue with Sony continues. Smedley, former studio head of Sony Online Entertainment, sent out a tweet earlier this week saying that when he "was at Sony, the stated reason internally for this was money. Dumb reason, but there it is." he wrote.

It Just Keeps Going & Going - Fortnite is Now the Most-Watched Title on Twitch

Up until last weekend, Counter Strike: Global Offensive was the most-watched, most popular game on Twitch. In January, CS:GO saw 1.1M viewers watching during the Boston Major. However, Fortnite has just obliterated the concurrent viewer title with 1.46M folks taking part during last weekend's Pro-Am tournament that paired Fortnite streamers with a variety of celebrities.

v4.4 Brings the Thermal Scope Assault Rifle & Ramp Traps

When Fortnite is updated tomorrow, players will have all new ways to take out the enemy in battle royale. Most notable, the Thermal Scope Assault Rifle will bring long-distance mayhem. In addition, players will find several new traps that can be placed on inclines and ramps to make for even more trepidatious footing. The Limited Time Mode will mark the return of 50v50 with some new features to keep things spicy.

Epic Announces Over Two Million Downloads on Nintendo Switch

Speaking to IGN today, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said that Fortnite has been downloaded over two million times on Nintendo Switch. That's pretty impressive since the announcement of Fortnite on Switch was made just yesterday during the Nintendo E3 Showcase.

Epic Announces a Bevy of Tournaments Leading to a World Cup Event

Epic hosted a fete last night during E3 2018 and as part of the celebration of Fortnite's success, developers revealed a series of online tournaments, community-run competitions and official competitive events as well as the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. The company will be using $100M to invest in and sponsor tournaments for the balance of 2018 and into 2019.

Epic Games Releases the Year's Biggest Battle Royale on Switch

Proving that it is THE battle royale, Fortnite is now available on Nintendo Switch. Epic made the announcement as part of today's Nintendo E3 2018 Showcase. This makes Fortnite available on every major platform.

Sniper Shootout Limited Time Mode v3 Returns

The latest Fortnite update notes have been published on the official site. Most notably in Battle Royale, the v4.4 update marks the return of the Sniper Shootout Limited Time Mode, now in version 3. In addition, players will find a new Thermal Scope Assault Rifle and the ability to place traps on stairs and slopes.

Yes, It's True - Fornite's First Vehicle is a Shopping Cart!

When Fortnite is updated to v4.3, players will be able to roll into battle in a shopping cart, something that is sure to strike fear into the hearts of enemies. So load up a friend and head out to destroy your enemies with the awe-inspiring power of THE CART!

Playground Limited Time Mode to Allow Newbs to Practice

Epic has posted a, well, EPIC State of Development newsletter on the Fortnite site to reveal many of the things the team is currently working on. Though it starts with improvements to controller support, it is the limited time mode called "Playground LTM (v1)" that has caught our attention. During Playground, players will have adjusted settings to allow for exploration of the map with increased resource generation, treasure chests and ammo crate spawns...and "Lloads of Llamas".

Celebrity Pro-Am During E3 will Feature a $3M Prize Pool for Charity

During E3 next month, Epic will be hosting a Fortnite celebrity Pro-Am Tournament that will feature a $3M prize pool. Winners will be able to donate their earnings to the charity of choice. Look for such well-known streamers as Ninja / Marshmello, Myth / Paul George, Pokimane / Desiigner, Markiplier / Joel McHale, Gotaga / Demetrious Johnson and many others. This tournament prize pool is not part of the previously announced $100M eSports investment Epic is making in Fortnite.

Jetpacks Take Flight as Limited Time Item in Today's Update

If you've been longing to take flight in Fortnite, we've got good news: Jetpacks have (finally) arrived, at least for a limited time. Epic explained that these are considered "backpacks" and are true gameplay items, not cosmetics ala Back Bling. They take up an inventory slot and are consumed on use. Once consumed, it is destroyed, though another can be picked up.

Epic Stepping into eSports in 2018-2019 with $100,000,000 in Tournament Prizes

Epic is going to take Fortnite into battle royale esports in a great big way and has committed $100,000,000 in tournament prize pools for the 2018-2019 year of competitive play. "We're getting behind competitive play in a big way, but our approach will be different", the blog reads, "- we plan to be more inclusive, and focused on the joy of playing and watching the game."

Epic Targeting Summer Android Launch & Plans Other Mobile Improvements

Players who've been hoping to play Fortnite on Android devices may get their wish as early as this summer. In a new blog post on the Fortnite site, devs made a brief announcement that "Fortnite is coming to Android! We are targeting this summer for the release". The blog also detailed a number of improvements coming to the iOS version that will also be included in the Android device at launch.

Solo Showdown Limited Time Mode Announced

Epic has announced a new limited time mode for Fortnite. The Solo Showdown will be running from today through May 21st with players able to earn up to 50,000 V-Bucks and the top 100 players recognized for their achievement. The goal of the adding the game mode is to provide a "stepping stone to learn how to build great events for all types of players".