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Sony Bows to Growing Pressure & Enables 'Extended Fortnite Cross-Play Beta'

Sony has responded to increasing player unhappiness at the lack of cross play between PlayStation 4 and all of the other available Fortnite platforms. As of today an "extended Fortnite cross-play beta" has started for PlayStation 4 "following a comprehensive evaluation process". The news came via the PlayStation Blog penned by Sony Interactive President John Kodera. Most notably, Kodera says that "this represents a major policy change for SIE" going forward.

Fortnite's Fall Skirmish Details Emerge

Epic has laid out the first details for its Fortnite Fall Skirmish season that is scheduled to begin in October. Everyone will be able to participate and a number of tweaks to the previous system will be implemented thanks to data gleaned from 78.3 players taking part in the game in August. Having such a large body of data "exposed weak points and allowed [Epic] to make targeted improvements to critical systems such as stats and servers".

45-Year-Old Man Arrested for Threatening an 11-Year-Old Fortnite Player

A New York man has been arrested for threatening an 11-year-old student who had just beaten him in Fortnite. The man, Michael Aliperti, then threatened the boy by telling him that he was going to shoot him and "stated that he knew where he went to school". Aliperti was then arrested and charged with "aggravated harassment and acting in a manner to injure a child".

Sony Boss Nixes Notion of Fortnite PS4 Crossplay with XBox One & Switch

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has dashed the hopes of Fortnite players hoping for true crossplay between all of the available platforms. The company has been under a lot of pressure from Epic and the Fortnite community to open up full cross play on all platforms. While the PS4 version of Fortnite is crossplay-compatible with PC and mobile, it is not with XBox One and Switch. In a recent interview, Yoshida said that "PlayStation is the best place to play".

New Double Barrel Shotgun Brings 2x the Fun

The latest update has dropped into Fortnite, this time bringing with it the arrival of the Double Barrel Shotgun, a specialist in devastating close-combat firepower. In addition, the Steady Storm Limited Time Mode is present in Battle Royale: "The Storm waits for no player and there are no safe zones. Stay aware of the map and keep moving it to the center of the circle in Steady the Storm LTM."

The Guided Missile is Baaaack....Though Not Quite As Crazy Powerful as Before

The latest Fortnite patch notes have been posted with the good news that the Guided Missile is making a return. Epic has toned down the power level with a big damage reduction and an increase in fuse duration, but that doesn't mean it's still not gonna be a blast as an opponent runs screaming in an empty effort to escape! To celebrate the Fly Explosives Limited Time Mode is back with jetpacks and lots of KABOOM!

Epic's Value Skyrockets Thanks to Fortnite (and other stuff...)

Bloomberg has analyzed Epic Games and has placed its corporate value between $5B and $8.5B. While the valuation is based on all of Epic's business holdings, including the licensing of the Unreal Engine, it is clear that "Fortnite mania fuels Epic growth to $8.5B" as the headline reads at Bloomberg. Fortnite alone is estimated to see over $2B in earnings this year, something that has propelled Epic to new heights.

Celebrate #Fortnite1st Birthday, the Return of the Playground & New SMG

The latest Fortnite patch notes have been published that bring a number of cool things into the game. This week marks the first birthday of Fortnite and Epic has a "party planned" for #Fortnite1st. Players will be able to "eat cake, party and bring your friends" to the celebration. Along the way, everyone can complete challenges to unlock the brand new cosmetic birthday set.

5.0 Update Challenges Players to 'Test Your Courage & Step Through a Rift'

The v5.0 update to Fortnite is coming along with some fascinating new features that have stemmed from the cracks in the sky after the rocket launch a couple of weeks ago. There are now Rifts that challenge players to "test your courage and step through" one. The update notes mysteriously state, "You're in for a wild ride." Save the World players get the Challenge the Horde mode and Wild West Heroes and accompanying weaponry.

Epic Announces $8M Summer Skirmish Series

Epic Games is off to a big start in their Fortnite esports tournament series with today's announcement of the $8,000,000 Summer Skirmish series. The event will feature an 8-week competitive series that begins this weekend with the $250,000 Duos competition. In this event, the participants "will be made up of community creators and Fortnite players who have demonstrated their competitive prowess". Epic has promised that the format and competitors will change in each of the 8 weeks.

Budding Filmmakers Take Note - Epic Introduces #FortniteBlockbuster Contest

The Fortnite site has been updated with a new contest, this time aimed at budding filmmakers. Using #FortntieBlockbuster, the contest asks fans to "write and direct the ultimate Season 4 superhero flick". Players are tasked with using the Fortnite replay system "and a little in-game movie set magic to make a blockbuster hit highlighting the heroes of Season 4 and their adventures".

As Players Watch the Rocket Launch, Wily Player Takes Them Out for All-Time Record

Over the weekend, the latest Fortnite event took place with a special rocket launch that was by all reports quite epic. Many servers were packed to the rafters with players cooperatively watching. However, on one server the viewing party was rather rudely interrupted in their reverie when a player named "Elemental_Ray" took them all out by destroying the platform on which they were standing. The dastardly deed has earned him the top spot on the Leaderboard for Solo Single Match Kills.

Season 5 to Kick Off on July 12th + Fortnite Playground LTM Launches

For Fortnite players who love seasonal play, today's news that Season 5 will kick off on July 12th will come as a welcome surprise. To get everyone fill up the tiers, Epic is providing a 100% XP bonus from June 29th to July 2nd.

Nearly 70% of Players Make In-Game Purchases with $85 the Average Amount Spent

In a new survey of 1000 Fortnite players that has been posted over at Lendedu.com, researchers have determined that nearly 70% of all players have purchased something from the in-game store and that, on average, players have spent nearly $85 to date.

Epic Suing Former Contract Worker for Alleged Season 4 Leaks in Breach of NDA

Epic is taking a hard line against a former contract worker who allegedly leaked information about Fortnite Battle Royale and season four. The spoilers, according to Epic, were first leaked to a second party and then posted to a now-deleted Reddit thread. The defendant, Thomas Hannah, has said that he was "pumped with a series of questions in a casual discussion to try to guess where the meteor (from Season 4) would hit". Epic says this provided secrets that it wanted kept under wraps.