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Fortnite to Shine in the Spotlight at Tennis's Australian Open

Professional tennis is embracing game culture with a special Fortnite exhibition during this summer's Australian Open. During the first of the four "Grand Slam" tournaments, fans can check out a solo tournament where competitors will vie for a share of about $400,000. A duo event with professional Fortnite players, content creators and celebrity gamers will compete to win a prize pool for a designated charity.

14 Days of Fortnite Brings Winter Fun to Everyone Starting December 19th

The latest Limited Time Mode will launch into Fortnite on December 19th. During 14 Days of Fortnite, players will be able to take part in "new Challenges, play in new and old LTMs and unlock rewards in this seasonal event". The event will see large team modes switch up every two days, while small team modes will change daily.

Stay Frosty in Fortnite Season 7 with New Skins, Locations, Santa's Biplane & More

Epic Games has released a whopping 5GB patch to update Fortnite to Season 7 "You Better Watch Out" and to include new Battle Pass content. To celebrate today's patch, Fortnite devs have released a festive trailer that brings Sergeant Winter into the game complete with swords and mayhem and not just a few planes to keep things frosty.

It Seems that Fortnite Is Getting Creative Mode in Season 7 If the Leaks Are True

According to Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks Twitter, it seems that the game will be getting Creative Mode starting in Season 7. This means that players will have access to tools to create unique private islands as well as have the ability to host custom servers. Players can host limited time servers or even leave them up for others to join. Server selection will take place via a central lobby.

Fortnite Player Count Rumored to Have Grown 60% Since June

According to an unsubstantiated report at Bloomberg, Fortnite player numbers are up 60% since June. The article claims that player numbers sit at about 200M, up from the last official player count of 125M in June and "almost equal to the population of Brazil". The caveat in all this, of course, is that Bloomberg does not provide a source for these numbers and there doesn't appear to be any information released from Epic itself.

It's High Noon, Pardner, Thanks to Fortnite's 6.30 Content Update

For those of you lookin' for rootin' tootin' wild west action, look no further than the v6.30 content update that's been deployed to Fortnite Battle Royale. The Wild West has arrived, a town that "ain't big enough for the hundred of us". This Limited Time Mode also features some iconic Ol' West weapons including the double barrel shotgun, the pump shotgun, the six shooter, the ever-explosive Dynamite and more.

Fortnite Players Can Take Part in an Epic (Pun Intended) Food Fight LTM

Fortnite has been patched to v6.3 that brings a bunch of big changes to both versions of the game. Battle Royale players will be able to take part in the Food Fight limited time mode and Save the World players will find practically a new game thanks to a plethora of improvements.

Up, Up & Away in a Beautiful Balloon in Fortnite's Latest Update

Now that the latest update has landed for Fortnite, players will be able to take to the skies in a sneaky quiet way thanks to the addition of balloons. Balloons allow players to float skyward, jump higher and sneak up quietly on enemies.

Have Some PvE Fun in Your PvP Fortnite Game with Today's Update

Now that the latest update has arrived in Fortnite, players can have a bit of PvE fun in their favorite PvP game. The Fortnitemares Limited Time Mode event has launched into the game (Save the World too!) and that dastardly Cube is on the move again. Floating Island is destroyed and it's up to players to track down all the fragments that can spawn Cube Monsters in order to destroy them.

Fortnite: Save the World - 'No Free to Play in 2018'

Epic Games has posted a new blog on the Fortnite site to let fans know that the free-to-play launch of the Save the World portion of the game will not be happening in 2018. The original plan for Save the World was to launch as a F2P title this year, but it seems it will be early next year at the earliest. The delay is in order to to provide more time for the team to "get this right" and to improve a number of systems and features.

Fortnite Now Includes In-Game Tournaments & the Quadcrasher Vehicle

When the latest update is finalized, Fortnite Battle Royale players will have new toys to play with thanks to the inclusion of the Quadcrasher 4-wheeled vehicle and the new in-game tournament system. Save the World players also have new toys with a pair of new weapons and Beta Storms "as a way to test new content and experimental ideas". This is a limited time mission alert.

Epic Files Suit Against YouTube Streamers for Endorsing 'Magical Powers' Cheats

Epic Games is proving once again that it's not fooling around when it comes to cheating in Fortnite. This time, Epic is taking on two YouTubers for copyright infringement for endorsing and distributing cheat programs in the game. According to documents filed in a North Carolina Federal court, Epic is suing Brandon "Golden Modz" Lucas, a prolific YouTube streamer with over 1.7 million subscribers. Also named in the suit is Colton "Excentric" Conter.

All Android Users Can Join the Fortnite Beta

If you're an Android mobile user and have been waiting patiently for your chance to try out Fortnite, now's your chance! Epic has announced that the game is now available, however, don't go looking for it on Google Play. The download for the beta client is directly from the Fortnite site.

Fortnite's 6.1 Update Goes Live Today & Asks You to Stay Frosty...in a Trap

The v6.1 Fortnite patch notes have been published on the official site. As always, they are packed with fun new toys for the Battle Royale players to torment their opponents with. This week is no exception with the addition of the new "Chiller", a frost trap that can freeze foes OR be used as something similar to a snowboard for a quick escape.

Fortnite PS4 Cross Play - Understanding the Bigger Picture

In his latest opinion piece at GameSpace.com, Poorna Shankar tears into the PR-speak over the last couple of weeks since the announcement by Sony that it would be "allowing" cross play between PlayStation 4 and the other available platforms for Fortnite. While it is a magnificent thing for players and we all should be thrilled with it, it's equally important to see the bigger picture.