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Fortnite Articles

New Features Added to Latest Online Test Version

Fortnite players have a bunch of new things to try out with the latest update to the online test client. Those lucky enough to be participating in the alpha can now check out beefed up heroes complete with new and overhauled abilities; try out the new quest system; locate and upgrade outposts in the game world; and experience a new tutorial system.

Alpha Testers Get a Chance at PvP Action

The Fortnite team has put out a call for all alpha testers to check into the game this weekend to get a first-time look at PvP. Players will get a chance to try out the Weather the Storm mode on Saturday, October 10th from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Eastern.

Alpha Returns 24/7 with Big New Update

Fortnite alpha testers will want to check out the game after the deployment of today's large new update. Additionally, alpha servers will now be open 24/7 for players to get in and help the team with bug squishing and feedback.

New Gameplay Trailer & Alpha Invites

The Fortnite team has sent out a new trailer and word that a new alpha phase will be beginning soon with invites already sent to those who have signed up for testing.

Mac Closed Beta Coming This Fall

Epic revealed its plans to bring Fortnite to Mac during this week's WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). The plan is to begin closed beta testing in the fall of 2015. As part of the presentation, Epic revealed a new trailer. Check it out and see what you think.

PvP Confirmed

Wes Phillips has confirmed via a cagey post on his Twitter account that PvP will be featured in Fortnite. Check out the post and the image below. Hopefully, the team will be on board with releasing details soon. We'll keep you posted!

Data Wipe Paves Way for Major Changes

The Fortnite site has been updated with a look at the big changes in store for the game after the application of the latest patch to the game. To pave the way for the new content, all profile data has been wiped due to significant changes made to the game. The team is hoping that players will be ready to try out a new class or build as a result.

First Alpha Update Published

The Fornite team has published a brief overview of the first alpha test. The post shows off some of the outrageous forts that players created during a contest for a new nVidia graphics card. Players also gave useful feedback that will be implemented in future tests.

New Video Diary Discusses Art & Enemy Design

The Fortnite team is celebrating the commencement of the alpha with a new video that shines the spotlight on a pair of design elements. Watch it to find out more about the design philosophy behind the art and enemies in the game. See what you think!

'The Fortnite Show' Episode 1 Released

Epic Games is starting a new series of developer videos to show off Fortnite, its forthcoming title. The first episode gives viewers an inside look at the first round of alpha testing that took place recently. Check it out!

Still Going Strong as New Visuals Prove

The Fortnite team is ready to take the wraps off a series of new visuals and a new gameplay video to show that development in one of the more interesting titles currently in the works is still an ongoing process. To sum up what Fortnite is, a quote from a fantastic PR notification says it perfectly: "TL;DR: Build forts. Co-op. Kill monsters. Find stuff. Craft stuff. Huge procedural worlds. Save the day. Bacon."

Monsters Profiled in New Article

GameInformer.com continues its revelation of all things Fortnight with their latest article. This time around, the team delves into the Fortnight bestiary to profile some of the baddies that players are likely to encounter.

Action Building Game Classes & More

The Fortnite team has been busy over at GameInformer.com by revealing three of the game's classes: The Commando, Ninja and Constructor. Fortnite allows players to reclaim and rebuild their homeland that has been taken by something known as The Storm.

20 Pages of Coverage in May GameInformer

If you've been hungry for new information on Fortnite, Epic Games' upcoming F2P fort-building third person shooter, you'll be glad to know that the May issue of GameInformer will feature 20 pages of coverage dedicated to all things Fortnite and Epic Games.